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Best Drones for Kids – An extensive guide for parents + Top 10 Drones List

Hello and welcome to another article here on Today we focus on our younger audience, they too deserve to experience the wonders of flying a drone. This is our Best Drones for Kids extensive guide for kids and parents. Our technology is developing faster and wider, branching to different kinds of robotics. One technology which has recently started to amazed the crowd is the drone. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of going places humans cannot, while recording and taking photos. Contrary to what many people think, drones are not just aimed at professional use. Everybody can experience the fun of flying a drone, recording aerial video, taking aerial selfies, performing stunts. We are not just restricted to fly the drone, there are many things you can do with it. However, and because our topic today is for the youngsters and their parents, we would like to discuss safety before we review the Top 10 Best Drones for Kids.


We at DronesWorld believe our readers should always be informed, specially parents when looking for a toy drone to buy for their kid. Worry not, drones are not dangerous and they are easier to control then you expect. If you read our guide, by the end of it you will know how to act accordingly and choose what is the best drone for your kid.

Note: All drones that require FAA Registration are of course prohibited to children.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Drone:

1.       Is it a toy grade drone?

First, and most obvious, make sure you buy a toy drone for your kid. Although drones like DJI Phantom and Parrot Bebop have autonomous functions which make them easy and safe to fly. These are much more powerful drones, larger and heavier, they are not a good fit for children. Choose a simple toy grade drone, with low margin of error, one which uses protective frames and is ideal to learn and practice.

2.       Is the drone suitable for indoor or outdoor flying?

Contrary to what many people may think, drones, are not always fit to fly both indoor and outdoor, some drones only support one environment. A good indoor drone needs to have a stable hovering, a responsive control and it doesn’t particularly need to endure the wind. Most drones can fly both indoor and outdoor. However, if you prefer your kid to fly indoors, pick a drone that has a stable hover and preferably with a protective frame around its motors and propellers. Depending on the area you are flying the drone it could either be a small or large drone. Be aware that a larger and heavier drone will cause more damage on the inside. Drones with a high yaw (faster rotating motors and consequently propellers) will be more difficult to control, specially indoors. If you are looking for an outdoor drone, make sure it has enough power to fight the wind, many small drones are not able to do this. During this article, we will let you know which drones are suitable for indoor, outdoor, or both.

3.       Does it have a stable hovering?

This is very important, if stability is hard to maintain the drone will be harder to control. If the drone has an unstable hovering, it will require more command input by the pilot to maintain the drone steady in the air. A good drone for learning and practicing will have a stable hovering, even when facing some wind, thus requiring less command input for the drone to be steady. Therefore, drones have a Gyro system, to ensure the drone has a good balance and won’t fly away or become uncontrollable. However, some drones have a more efficient Gyro, making them ideal to learn and practice. On this article, we only mention drones with an above average Gyro built, for our kids to fly the most efficient drones available in the toy drone market. Keep in mind that weather conditions will affect the stability of the drone, if flying outdoors make sure your drone is suited to fly on the current weather conditions (avoid strong wind).

4.       Is it resistant and lightweight?

Your kid you will crash the drone. We all do, that’s why we learn and practice. Your kid will be no exception, he will eventually (most likely right away) crash the drone. This is not a problem, and crashing the drone is part of the fun! As parents, we want to value your money, and that means the drone must last. You and your kid will want to fly as many times as you want without the drone getting damaged or worse. It is important for the drone’s frame to be durable. Most toy drones are made of ABS Plastic, a cheap and lightweight kind of material, as the one used on LEGOS. It’s a material that won’t damage anything when crashing or colliding into something or someone. The material will resist most crashes and collisions. However, and as always, take care of your drone, fly it wisely, don’t dive it into water, don’t fly it on the rain, don’t fly it near car traffic.

5.       Is it controlled via a 2.4Ghz remote controller or WiFi smartphone?

On this list, we have drones that are controlled via a standard 2.4Ghz remote controller or through a smartphone. Usually a 2.4Ghz (or 5.8Ghz) controller is preferable, but if your kid already owns a smartphone or you don’t mind borrowing him yours, you can choose to buy a drone that connects to the smartphone via WiFi through a free to download app (available for both Android and iOS in most cases). The drone provides its own WiFi to which the smartphone connects to. I believe that for learning and practicing purposes a 2.4Ghz remote controller is always better, however, if your kid is used to handle a smartphone, these types of toy grade drones work just as fine. Often the drones that make use of the pilot’s smartphone to function as a controller, are cheaper as the manufacturer doesn’t have to provide a controller.

6.       What features does it have?

Features are important. Why? Because some make the drone easier to control, while others enhance the fun you can have with it. One of those features that will make the drone easier to pilot is “Headless Mode”. We will discuss this feature on the “Brief Explanation of the Features” section of this article. When you see a drone with “Headless Mode” feature, if it functions correctly you will know you found a drone with an “easier option” to be controlled.

Before your Kid Starts Flying:

·         Adult Supervision

Indoor or outdoor, doesn’t matter. If your kid is younger than 14 years old, make sure you are nearby when he’s flying a drone. Although the toy drones on our list are harmless and easy to control, it is always important to have safety as a priority.

·         Check Surroundings

If you are indoor make sure there’s enough space for the drone to move around. If it’s a smaller drone with a stable hovering, you won’t have any problem flying the drone in a living room or even in the bedroom. Prevent the drone from flying close to areas where you can’t reach afterward in case you lose control and crash. Remove fragile objects from the area. In case you are flying a large and heavier drone, accordingly extend the free area, therefore avoiding collisions against people or objects.
If you are outdoor, don’t fly near lakes, rivers, or a beach. Don’t fly in crowded parks if you still don’t control the drone 100%. Don’t fly near car traffic.

·         Bind the Drone

You need to bind the drone to the remote controller. Turn on the remote controller. Place the drone on a plane surface, push the throttle down and then upwards and then down again. The drone is now bound to the remote and you can start flying (some drones may not require this).

Brief Explanation of the Features:

·         Live Video

A self-explanatory feature, drone’s camera transmits live video to an LCD monitor or smartphone screen. There are drones which transmit video through 5.8Ghz frequency directly to a LCD monitor generally included in the package. Other drones transmit the live video through an app directly to the user’s smartphone. The pilot can watch on real time (may have latency in some cases) whatever the drone’s camera is capturing.

·         Headless Mode

To better understand this feature, first we must discuss how a drone orientation works. Like any vehicle, every drone has a front and a rear, however, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which due to the often-symmetrical design of drones. To solve this issue, many drone makers design their drones with different color propellers, so the pilot is aware of the front. However, when flying the drone to a longer distance, the pilot can’t tell which is the front and which is the rear. This causes an orientation problem. With Headless Mode enabled, the drone’s front and rear are irrelevant. The drone will respond to commands despite where is pointing at (left is left and right is right). If Headless Mode is enabled and your drone’s front is pointing to your face, if you push forward the drone will fly in your direction instead of going forward. When enabling Headless Mode, there is something you must do before taking off, the drone must be positioned in a way that its front is your front. Headless Mode must always be activated before flight, and never during flight.

·         360º Spin

Basically, the drone does a 360º spin in any direction. Smaller and faster drones will do this very quickly without losing practically no altitude, it’s a neat trick. Larger and heavier drones can also do a 360º aerial stunt but they aren’t as quick and they lose a slight altitude because they take longer to spin. To do this you just must press a button on the remote controller or smartphone app. It’s a hassle free fun acrobatic.

Now, finally, our Top 10 Best Drones for Kids list:

10- Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10 is one of the most renowned nano toy grade drones in the market. Besides being amazingly cheap (one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest) toy drones currently available. It is great for beginners, a stable flyer (not the most stable though), a great fit for beginners considering its low price. It’s a very simple drone, easy to transport, easy to control, so small and lightweight that it can’t damage anything. It doesn’t come with a protective frame around its propellers, but the drone is so tiny and harmless that it won’t cause a problem. The drone has a short range of 20 meters, a flight time of 5 minutes (only takes around 30 minutes to charge and it can be charged via USB). The cheapest and most simple drone you will find in the market. Cheerson CX-10 is available in four different colors: blue, green, orange and pink. The package includes all you need to fly right out of the box, including 2.4Ghz remote controller.

9- World Tech Toys Marvel Captain America Drone

World Tech Toys Marvel Captain America Drone

Marvel officially licenses this toy drone manufactured by World Tech Toys. It comes in two different designs Captain America style or Spiderman. Let your kid pick his favorite hero, both drones have the same specifications and functions, only the design is different. The drone itself is very standard, ideal for children, very basic and easy to handle, in fact watch this video of a kid flying the drone. The drone is mainly for outdoor flying due to its size, however, if you have enough room you can also fly it indoor. The package comes with all you need to fly right out of the box, including the 2.4Ghz remote controller. The drone has a lightweight durable foam body, making it a very safe drone for learning and practicing. This drone can perform 360º aerial stunts with just the push of a button. The drone can fly as far as 50 meters for a period of up to 12 minutes (per battery charge, battery and charger are included in the package). Without a doubt a simple and yet very fun drone for children and parents. If your kid loves drones and super heroes, this is a great combination.

8- Space Trek

Another amazing toy drone. Space Trek is a mini quadcopter (four motors, just like the rest of the drones on our list). Space Trek is an amazing indoor flyer and the ideal mini-drone if safety is a big concern for you. Why? Well, this mini drone is completely encircled by a protective frame that prevents the drone from causing damage or be damaged. As you can see on the photo this 360º cover allows the drone to keep on flying even after colliding with an object. This also prevents the propellers from hurting or damaging anything, even though the propellers don’t rotate at a speed which could hurt anyone. Having the extra security might be important for parents. The drone comes ready to fly right out of the box, with all you need (except the batteries for the 2.4Ghz remote controller). This mini-drone can be flown both indoor and outdoor. Watch a video here of this drone flying indoor, just watch how smooth and stable it is. The drone has a maximum control range of 100 meters (advertised) and a flight time ranging between 5 to 8 minutes. It has two different control speeds (high and low) and can perform 360º aerial spins with just the push of a button on the remote controller.

7- Eachine E010

Eachine E010

This tiny drone is perfect to fly indoor. Very safe and stable flyer, easy to handle, it has a protective frame around its motors and propellers. Even if it bumps into an object, wall or ceiling, it will keep on flying. A great little toy drone to have and fly inside. On the other hand, it is not a good drone to fly outdoor, mainly because it doesn’t have enough power to fight the wind, so you won’t be able to control it easily. More experienced flyers might be able to fly outdoor even in windy conditions, but we don’t advise it to a kid or some unexperienced. It has some fun and useful features such as Headless Mode, One Key Return (drone flies backwards) and of course 360º aerial stunt. It is a very simple and cheap toy drone. It has a maximum control range of 30 meters and a flight time of 5 minutes. Eachine E010 is available in green and red color.

6- JXD 512V aka Blomiky 512W

JXD 512V aka Blomiky 512W

This mini toy drone is a clone of the widely famous Parrot Bebop. It’s a clone only in design, because while Parrot Bebop is a higher cost drone, Blomiky 512W (also known as JXD 512V) is a cheap toy grade drone. This little drone is very fun to play with, especially if you have never tried an FPV drone. This drone has a built-in 0.3MP camera capable of transmitting live video directly to the user’s smartphone. You just need to install a free to download app (available for both Android and iOS) on its smartphone, connect to the drone via WiFi, and then you will be able to watch in real time the live video on your screen. The 2.4Ghz controller comes with a phone holder, so you can attach your smartphone while you flying and watching live video (see image). This mini drone is good for both indoor and outdoor flying. It comes with a protective frame around its motors, ensuring it doesn’t damage anything or gets damaged. It features Headless Mode (check beginning of the article for explanation) and 360º aerial stunt. Although some shops advertise this drone as having One Key Return and Altitude Hold features, it doesn’t. Blomiky 512W has a short control range of 20 meters and a flight time of 4 minutes. It is a great drone for flying indoors or in the backyard, a simple little toy drone with a great design. The drone is available in two different colors: yellow and blue.

5- JXD 515W

JXD 515W

This mini drone is one of the safest to control. An ABS plastic protective frame completely covers its motors and propellers, ensuring it won’t hurt anyone or get damaged by crashing and colliding. JXD 515W has a very neat design, resembling a spacecraft. This is a very fun drone, besides having its own built-in 0.3MP camera capable of recording video and taking photos. JXD 515W also has a wide set of useful and fun features. This features include: Altitude Mode (the aircraft maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be controlled normally), Headless Mode, One Key Take Off and Land (One button automatically land or take off, drone will take off or go back to the position where it took off), and of course 360º spin. If one of your priorities when buying a drone is to get as much features as you can, then JXD 515W is an excellent choice. Another great thing about this quadcopter is the capability to transmit live video via WiFi. Install a free to download app (available for both Android and iOS) on its smartphone, connect to the drone via WiFi, and then you will be able to watch in real time the live video on your smartphone or tablet screen. JXD 515W has a maximum control range of 50 meters and a flight time of 6 minutes. This drone can be flown both indoor and outdoor. JXD 515W can be controlled via the 2.4Ghz transmitter (included in the package) or through the same app that enables the live video.

4- Syma X11C

Syma X11C

If you are looking for a stable and safe drone that also has a camera, this is a great choice! Syma X11C is great for you and your kid to record aerial photo and take photos. This mini drone comes with a built-in 2MP camera. To record video and take photos you just have to press the respective buttons on the 2.4Ghz remote controller (included in the package). Syma X11C comes with a protective frame around its motors and propellers, therefore it won’t damage or be damaged (see photo). This drone can be flown both indoor and outdoor. It is manufactured by one of the most known toy drone companies, Syma. The drone comes in a package with all you need to fly right out of the box. It has a maximum control range of 100 meters and a flight time ranging between 6 to 8 minutes. A perfect toy drone to learn and practice while recording decent image quality video and photos. The drone comes in three different colors: red, white, and black.

3- Syma X5C

Syma X5C

Most likely you have already heard of this drone before. It is one of the most widely known toy drones, it can be found in any drone or toy shop nowadays. X5C was Syma’s big first hit on the toy drone market. This drone is so affordable and ideal for beginners that it became a best seller in many stores. Because we have already reviewed this drone, we won’t get into details on this Top 10 list. If you wish to read more about Syma X5C, check our review.

2- JJRC H36



This drone is very similar to Eachine E010 (also on our list). JJRC H36 is a safe and stable flyer, easy to handle, it has a protective frame around its motors and propellers. Even if it bumps into an object, wall or ceiling, it will keep on flying. The perfect toy drone to fly indoors, in the living room or in the bedroom. It is not suited to fly outdoor, mainly because it doesn’t have enough power to fight the wind, so you won’t be able to control it easily. It is a very simple and yet highly maneuverable drone. You may be wondering why is JJRC H36 in second place on our Top 10, when it doesn’t even have a camera or above average specifications or features. Well, it’s in second place due to its quality price ratio. JJRC H36 is amazingly cheap and amazingly fun to fly. A great fit for beginners, one of the most bought small toy drones in the market. It has a maximum control range of 30 meters and a flight time of 5 minutes. A very fun little drone, durable, a great value for your money. It comes with all you need to fly right out of the box.

1- Haktoys HAK907

Haktoys HAK907

Now for the number one drone on our Best Drones for Kids Extensive guide for parents + Top 10 Drones List. We believe Haktoys HAK907 deserves to be number one for various reasons. First, it has a great quality and price ratio, meaning it is a great value for your money. Secondly, it is an extremely safe drone, the entire drone has a protective frame made of foam around it. This structure absorbs all the impact when colliding and crashing, therefore ensuring that the drone doesn’t get damaged or won’t damage something or someone. Thirdly, it is a very fun and stable drone, ideal for beginners, good to fly both indoor and outdoor. It is a large drone, so when flying indoor make sure you have plenty of room around you. It is a great looking drone and it will amaze anyone at the park. As previously mentioned, Haktoys HAK907 has a stable hovering and is easy to control through its 2.4Ghz transmitter (included in the package). The drone doesn’t come with a camera; however it is camera ready, meaning you can easily attach a camera (bought separately). Haktoys HAK907 doesn’t have any fancy features, neither it should, the purpose of this drone is to learn and practice while having a lot of fun doing it. It won’t be a problem if you crash or collide, it is highly durable due to its foam structure. This is a drone that will last and last, it is a great investment, your kids will learn quickly, they will have fun, and they won’t break it easily. Haktoys HAK907 has a maximum control range of 100 meters and a flight time of 10 minutes. The drone has 3 different speed levels, adjust accordingly to your flight experience. The drone has a 6-axis built-in gyroscope with auto stabilization, so it will be easier to control. Haktoys HAK907 is a great value for your money. If you prefer a drone with more features or a complete package with a camera, you may prefer another drone from this list, it’s up to you my friend.

We have come to the end of our Best Drones for Kids- An extensive guide for parents + Top 10 Drones article. We hope to have given you the necessary information and tips for you to be able to decide which drone best fits you and your kid. If you have any question or suggestion, please leave a comment below, we at DronesWorld are always happy to read your comments. Happy flying fellow drone lovers!

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