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Top 15 Best Drones Under $100 Cheap And Best Budget Drones

Check out our most recent update. Brand new and cheap drones under 100$ added to the list!

Do you love drones but don’t have much money to spend? Don’t worry. Good drones no longer are an expensive luxury.

The commercial drone industry has developed a lot in the last few years. It is now possible to buy a great Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at a very affordable price. Not only they have great range and flight time, but they also include amazing features such as video cameras, headless mode, real-time video transmission! One of them even is waterproof.

If by now you are starting to think you have read the title wrong, I’m happy to tell: in fact, there already are amazing and cheap drones under 100$. As always, we at DronesWorld aim to inform and guide you through all your questions and doubts. Therefore, considering both price and quality we have compiled a Top 10 Drones under 100$ list. Let us take a deeper look into the drones we can get for less than 100$.

Note: This Top 10 List has been updated regarding the new drone market in late-2019 and 2020.

What You Must Know Now About Best and Cheap Drones Under $100

Before we begin our Top 10 list it is important for you to know what are the average specifications and features of drones under the $100 budget. So you know what you should expect, of course, we all want to get the best bang for our buck. Therefore, it is very important to know if a specific drone is below average or not. Also, drones under $100 are aimed at recreational use, to practice, have a good time, fly them at the park or back garden.

They are toy graded drones, therefore do not expect to do any kind of professional video recording with any drone on this list. Drones one this budget are for fun and training. So, what is the average specifications you should expect?

Average Camera Quality-
Average Flight Time-
Average Flight Distance-

Previous drones on this list prior to the latest update:

Top 10 Best Cheap Drones for Under 100 Dollars Table.

Name Flight time Control range Price
MJX X300C 10 minutes 0.1km Check On Amazon
Hubsan X4 H107D 7 minutes 0.1km Check On Amazon
Syma X8W 8 minutes 0.1km Check On Amazon
Syma X5UW 7 minutes 90m Check On Amazon
XK Alien X250-B 10 minutes 0.2km Check On Amazon
Hubsan H107C+ 7 minutes 50m Check On Amazon
Pioneer JXD 509V 10 minutes 80m Check On Amazon
JJRC H26W 7 minutes 0.3km Check On Amazon
JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 10 minutes 0.3km Check On Amazon
JJRC H26D 7 minutes 0.3km Check On Amazon

The list of 15 drones under $100.

15- Cheerson CX-10W

You may already be familiar with Cheerson’s company, they have manufactured great commercial successes such as the Cheerson CX-20 and the nano quadcopter CX-10. Following the hit of this mini CX-10, they have upgraded it with a built-in FPV camera! Yes, this nano quadcopter actually has a 0.3MP camera that transmits through WiFi to your Android or iOS device the real time video. One of the things which makes CX-10W so affordable (below 40$!) is not using a radio controller. Instead, the pilot controls the drone directly on the app installed on their mobile device! This is a great drone to carry around anywhere you want. Just slide it into your pocket and take it anywhere. Get your phone and start flying while recording and watching the live video on your phone! However, it does have a short-range, only 25 meters. The 3.7v 150mAh battery powers up to 4 minutes of flight time and only takes 30 minutes to charge.


14- GPToys H2O

Just when you thought you had seen everything, here comes GPToys with its waterproof quadcopter. This fun drone is not only capable of touching water and keep flying it can also land on water and take-off flying from it. Great drone to play with at lakes, pools, and even calm water beaches and rivers. A big plus if you are considering buying this for a kid who might end up flying it into water! On top of all that fun, it has a good control distance of around 150 meters. It is powered by two 3.7V 650 mAh battery provides up to 8 minutes of flight time. Besides the waterproof function, it also features Headless Mode. GPToys H20 (H20 standing for water, as you probably noticed) will be a perfect toy for your pool!


13- MJX X300C

Back in the beginning of 2015, MJX X300C was the one to go FPV low-cost drone. The reason why it still makes our list in 2016, is because it still is a viable affordable drone. X300C is the upgraded version of the X300, now featuring a 0.3MP camera. Do not get discouraged by the low pixels, it still is a decent camera at a very low price (check the video). The FPV (real-time video transmission) is done through WiFi directly to your Android or iOS device through a free application.X300C also comes with great features such as Headless Mode (for easier flight orientation) and One-Key Return (drone returns to pilot). Besides, X300C has a very good flight range of 100 meters and an above-average flight time of 10 minutes powered by its 3.7V 750mAh lipo battery.


12- Eachine H99D

Another company which we haven’t heard much about, but that has already released great quality low-cost drones in the market. Eachine is successfully trying to earn its spot in the market. One of their great products newest products is the H99D, a great beginner quadcopter, very smooth and maneuverable. If you are a fan of aerial footage, embrace H99D, because at only 50$ (total price of the drone package!), this mini quadcopter comes with its own 3MP camera with 120º wide-angled lens! Yes, a 50$ drone with a 3MP camera. However, while it does record good quality footage it is not high-definition (obviously). H99D also comes with some useful features such as Headless Mode (for easier direction) and One-Key Return (drone returns back to pilot). A 3MP camera plus these two features for only 50$? Nicely done Eachine. On the other hand, the control distance is a bit below average, only 60 meters range. A 3.7V 380mAh battery powers up to 6 minutes of flight time.

11- Hubsan X4 H107D

This is an exciting one! You may already have heard of this drone, but if not we are here to inform you. Hubsan X4 H107D comes in a complete FPV (real-time video transmission) package ready to fly out of the box. All you need to fly the drone and watch in real-time the live video on the 4.3” FPV monitor built-in on the 2.4 Ghz controller.  H107D is a small and stable quadcopter so you will be able to fly it both indoors and outdoors. This neat drone has a built-in 0.3MP camera capable of recording 480p video. X4 H107D does not have any features besides the 360º aerial stunt and LED lights for night flights. It has a maximum control range of 100 meters and a flight time of 7 minutes.


Now for our new Top 10 Best Affordable drones of late 2019 and upcoming 2020:


10- Flyster SkyHunter

If you are looking for a portable quadcopter with folding arms, you’ve found it. Inspired in the design of DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark, this low-cost drone is one of the cheapest quadcopters with foldable design currently available in the market. It has a built-in 2MP camera that also transmits live video directly to the pilot’s smartphone via app. This app also advertises (we have not confirmed the following functions) set the track to draw a flight route on phone’s screen and the drone flys according to the track settings. App Voice Control can carry out 6 executable commands: Take off/Landing/Left Side/Right Side/Forward/Back Up. Lastly, also functions as a remote controller. Nonetheless, it includes a 2.4Ghz. controller with a phone holder. Other features are Headless Mode, One Key Return, Altitude Hold, and 360º aerial flip. The maximum control range is the average 80 meters and flight time 8 minutes, also within average.


9- Syma X8W

Syma, another company which you have heard about for sure. They produced the best-selling Syma X5C. The X8W is Syma’s rendition of the X8G yet with a 2MP FPV WiFi camera. Expect a decent quality image, you will be able to get good footage from it. The live image is also good quality with very low latency. X8W is a large quadcopter but still capable of hovering efficiently. Maintaining a good and steady flight even when facing stronger winds. It doesn’t accompany an FPV (First Person View) screen, the transmission is done via WiFi, connecting to your Android or Apple device through a free application. Syma X8W still has a decent speed even at most minimal yaw rates, simple to control, suitable for beginners. It features Headless Mode (for easier flight orientation).

8- Syma X5UW

Syma has manufactured a great deal of toy drones, many of them became commercial successes sold all around the globe. Recently they have produced yet another great toy drone, the Syma X5UW. This quadcopter is aimed at beginners or anyone looking for a cheap drone to have some fun with. X5UW is a smooth flier, easy to control and ideal to learn and practice how to fly a drone. Syma X5UW is a WiFi FPV (real time video transmission) drone, it transmits the live video directly to the pilot’s smartphone through a free app (available for Android and iOS). The 2.4 Ghz remote controller comes with a phone holder for pilot to place the smartphone to watch the live video while flying the drone. The camera is 2MP capable of recording 720p video, however, image quality is not that good. X5UW has a maximum control distance of 80 to 100 meters, the WiFi range is slightly smaller (40 meters). The drone’s priority battery (exclusive to this model, the drone doesn’t work with other batteries) enables up to 7 minutes of flight time. Syma X5UW, as previously mentioned, packs an impressive set of features for such an affordable drone, including Headless Mode, One Key Return, Auto Landing on low battery, Auto Takeoff and Auto Landing, Altitude Hold.


7– XK Alien X250-B

Note: There is an FPV version of this quadcopter without WiFi.  It comes with its own FPV monitor and works at 5.8 GHz frequency. It is called XK Alien X250-A. However, it is a bit more expensive than this version, therefore it didn’t make it to the list. What a neat quadcopter this is. 250-B is the FPV upgraded version of Alien X250. First of all how cool is the design? It is definitely good to see companies breaking out from the average looking quadcopter. Secondly, it is a great drone for training, if you are not used to flying a quadcopter, this drone is suited to help you sharpen your skills. It has an above-average control distance (considering the same price products) of 150 to 200 meters, which will delight most beginners. The 2MP camera records at 720p and transmits FPV (real-time video) directly to your mobile device through a free application available for both Android and iOS. The connection is done through WiFi (the drone hotspots its own WiFi). This application also allows the pilot to fully control the drone and fly it normally. However, if you prefer the good old-school remote, don’t worry, Alien X250-B package is very complete and also includes a 2.4 GHz remote. Among its features, we can find Headless Mode (for easier flight orientation) and Low-Voltage Alarm (quadcopter’s LED lights will start blinking, warning pilot of low battery). The 3.7V 800mAh 20C Li-po built-in battery powers up to 12 minutes of flight time (very impressive!). X250-B is on the road, or better said, the sky, to become one of the great low-cost drones of 2020!


6- Hubsan H107C+

Remember Hubsan H107 and H107C? Two huge Hubsan commercial successes, which live to their fame, indeed they are great products. Following their success, Hubsan has decided to upgrade this series, introducing the newest H107 Plus. This mini quadcopter has a built-in 2MP 720p camcorder. Ready to deliver great quality video, with no “jello” effect. H107C+ is a steady flier, suitable for any beginner. It incorporates features such as Headless Mode and Altitude Holder. Explanation of feature: The pilot can adjust the throttle to the desired height that he wishes to fly on, and let go of the throttle. The quadcopter will maintain that altitude by itself. This is a useful feature for filming as it allows the pilot to focus on the video and photo. It does have a below-average control distance, around 50 to 100 meters. Flight time is 7 minutes and the battery can be quickly charged in only 40 minutes.

5- Pioneer JXD 509V

A recent quadcopter manufactured by Pioneer. JDX 509V, it’s not just any low-cost quadcopter, JXD 509V is packed with amazing features, more than any other same value quadcopter. Such components include One-Key Return (drone returns to pilot), Altitude Holder (drone hovers steadily on the same place, allowing the pilot to focus on the video), and it also have Headless Mode. Additionally, it comes with a VGA module camera, decent image quality but not the 2MP they advertise. The camera can tilt 30º angle, allowing different points of view. Unfortunately, it only has an 80-meter range, but all the features make up for it. The 3.7V 600mAh battery allows a good 10 minutes of flight time. Another astounding thing about this drone as you can tell is its design, resembling the famous Yuneec Q500. A very good looking quadcopter. If you are aiming for a drone with a few fun features to play with, JXD 509V is the one.


4- Visuo XS809W (aka Tianqu XS809W)

Do you know DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark? Well, one can say that Visuo XS809W (also known as Tianqu) is the low-cost version of those two high-cost drones. Why do I say this? Mainly because Visuo XS809W has a very similar design and focuses on two key aspects (like DJI with Spark and Mavic), camera, and portability. Visuo XS809W has foldable arms that truly enhance the drone’s portability (see image). Therefore, it is the ideal one to carry around on holidays or even when going out to the park. Besides the folding arms, Visuo XS809W also comes with a relatively good 0.3MP 720p HD built-in video camera. It can be controlled with your smartphone (via WiFi) or through the 2.4Ghz remote controller (included). XS809W can transmit live video to your smartphone, however, this video resolution is not as good. It has a useful set of features such as: Headless Mode, One Key Return, and even Altitude Hold (the first edition didn’t include this feature, however, Visuo updated XS809W and now ships with Altitude Hold). Regarding specifications, the portable quadcopter has a maximum control range of 80 meters and a flight time of 10 minutes.


3- JJRC H26W

Another company which you might already be familiar with. JJRC has been very active in the market, releasing amazing products at very affordable prices. It’s almost impossible going through a Best 10 cheap drones list without coming across a JJRC product. That’s how impactful they have been in the Toy.  Grade market lately. H26W is no exception to that. First of all, it comes with a 2MP FPV camera with a 2-Axis adjustable gimbal. Through buttons on your radio controller, you can move the gimbal in four directions, allowing for different recording angles. Useful for drone enthusiasts which love to record videos and take photos. Another great thing about this quadcopter is its range. About 300 meters of maximum control distance! In a drone for under 100$ (way to go JJRC!). Real-time video transmission is done through WiFi directly to your device through a free app available for both Android and iOS. H26W also includes some awesome features such as Headless Mode, One-Key Return (drone returns back to pilot). Makes use of a 7.4V 1200mAh battery which powers a maximum flight time of 6 to 7 minutes. If you are looking for a larger drone with a good camera and fun features, this is it!


2- JJRC H16 Tarantula X6

Here we are! The number one drone! A large quadcopter with an amazingly unique design. A great product by JJRC, and like the name says it does resemble a tarantula. How cool is that? It has a great performance, having no trouble fighting the wind while hovering stable in air. It comes in three different package versions: one with no camera, another with a 2MP camera, and other with a 5MP. On this list, we are referring to the 2MP camera version, as the 5MP surpasses the 100$. Tarantula X6 has an amazing control range of 300 meters! Truly amazing for a quadcopter of this price. Tarantula features One Key Return, thanks to its IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) which works like an inner compass, Tarantula can return to the pilot. Has a flight time of 7 to 10 minutes. It has good lifting before, so feel free to detach the camera and place other, or even fly without it for extra flight time.

1- JJRC H26D

Now for the number one drone on our list! The JJRC H26D is an amazing toy quadcopter packing an above-average camera. So if you are on a short budget looking for a good camera toy drone, you have found it! Contrary to other same price drones that always come with the standard 1 or 2MP 720p resolution camera, JJRC stepped up its game by including a 3MP camera. This 3MP camera has an actual glass wide lens. This enables video and photographs with slightly better quality than we are used to seeing in toy drones! On top of that, it comes with its own 2 Axis Gimbal! This Gimbal stabilizes the camera enhancing video quality and allowing the pilot to tilt the camera in different angles (up and down, left and right) through the transmitter. JJRC H26D also packs some useful features such as Headless Mode, One-Key Return, 360º aerial stunt, and LED lights for night flights. Like most drones produced by JJRC, it features an astonishing maximum control range of 300 meters!

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