Syma X8HG – Syma’s Upgraded Camera Toy Quadcopter

Hello, drone enthusiasts! Have you been looking for a top affordable quadcopter aimed at camera usage? An easy to control drone which can fit your amateur photography and videography needs while featuring useful and fun features such as real-time video transmission and Altitude Holder? Well, we at DronesWorld have found and reviewed an excellent drone which matches these criteria. A very affordable drone, compatible with almost all action cameras, packed with fun features such as WiFi FPV. It’s a great drone to learn and practice and also makes a great gift for anyone curious about flying a drone! You may already be familiar with Syma products, they have manufactured one of this first globally successful low-cost toy drones in the market, the Syma X5 and X5C. Another great success of theirs was the large FPV camera quadcopter the Syma X8G. Today, we bring you the upgraded version of this quadcopter. Welcome to our Syma X8HG review. Without further due let’s find out if this drone is a good value for your money.


Syma X8HG Material and Design

Syma X8HG is a large (50 x 50 x 19cm) and robust quadcopter. More crash resistant than most drones within its price range, one of the toughest drones to break. It is made of ABS plastic, like most toy drones since it’s an inexpensive to produce the type of material while still being lightweight and durable. To ensure the drone won’t break or bend when landing, Syma X8HG makes use of a relatively durable and well-screwed landing gear which won’t break easily. Although you should always perform gentle landings, it will protect the bottom of your quadcopter from the aggressive and unexpected ones. To increase safety, the drone also has protective frames around its propellers and motors, so that the props won’t bend when hitting an object and the motors don’t receive any damage. The design of this quadcopter is practically identical to the previous X8G model, but this time in red and black color. Regarding safety and durability, Syma X8HG package also includes a protective camera mount, but we will discuss it on the next topic below.


8MP Camera and FPV (First Person View) Transmission

Syma X8HG is aimed aerial live video and recording, making it one of the most affordable good quality camera drones in the market. Why? Well, unlike most toy drone manufacturers who use a standard VGA or low-resolution camera, Syma, on the other hand, produced its own action camera. You may choose from two different packages, one with a 0.3MP camera or, the one we at DronesWorld see has the best bang for your buck, the HD 8MP 720p resolution version. This Syma manufactured action camera is a low-cost toy “clone” of the GoPro; you will be surprised with its image quality. The camera can be detached from the drone, so you always have the option to fly without it. The camera connects to the drone via cable, using the drone battery instead of external batteries. The Syma camera is exclusive to Syma drones and cannot be used on different brand drones. The package also includes a camera mount on which the camera is safely placed inside, therefore ensuring that the camera won’t receive any damage when the drone crashes. Now that we have discussed the camera let’s talk about the real-time video transmission. It is done via WiFi, and the live video is transmitted directly to an Android or iOS device through a free to download application. Live video is good quality with practically no latency. If you are looking for a powerful drone capable of transmitting live video to your smartphone or tablet and display excellent image quality, than Syma X8HG is definitely a drone to consider buying.


Syma Headless Mode and Altitude Holder Features

Syma X8HG focus on the newest feature to be introduced on toy drones, the Altitude Holder function also known as Barometer Set Height. Syma X8HG has a built-in sensitive barometric pressure sensor (barometer) to measure air pressure and enables the drone to lock at a specific height (around 1 meter from ground), hovering autonomously, without any pilot’s throttle input. Hovering allows the pilot to focus on recording the video, taking photos or watching the displayed live video while Syma X8HG hovers steadily by itself. This is an amazingly fun and useful feature which is not yet common to find on drones within this price range. Besides this uncommon characteristic, X8GH also includes other standard features such as Headless Mode (easier fight orientation despite where the nose of the quadcopter is pointing at), very useful for beginners and children as it allows the drone to be much easier to pilot. And of course, the standard functions, LED lights for night flights and 360º aerial spin with just the push of a button. As you can see Syma X8HG manages to include a fun and useful set of features which you will surely love.


7.4V 2000mAh Lipo Battery and 5 to 7 Minutes Flight Time

Syma X8HG does have a slightly below average flight time of 5 to 7 minutes, but keep in mind that the action camera makes use of the drone’s battery. Consequently, if you use the camera, you have a bit less of flight time, while on non-camera flights battery lasts longer. Syma X8HG makes use of a 7.4 voltage 2000mAh lipo battery. Don’t forget that you can always purchase extra batteries if you which to fly longer. However, we advise you to let the motors cool off a bit during battery exchange. Otherwise, they may overheat on hot days.

2.4 Ghz Remote Controller and Maximum Control Distance

Syma X8HG comes with a 2.4 Ghz remote controller, fairly straightforward, and it gives you easy access to all you need without any hassle. The maximum range of X8HG is slightly below average for drones within this price range, but still enough to fly it far. It has around 70 meters of maximum control distance.


THE GOOD Durable material. 8MP action camera is good quality, certainly better than most toy drones. Real time video transmission has almost no delay. The drone includes Altitude Holder, a very useful and uncommon feature on toy drones. Also, Syma X8HG is one of the top affordable WiFi drones.
THE BAD Flight time and range are slightly below average.
BOTTOM LINE Overall Syma X8HG is a good value for your money. If you are looking for an affordable learn and practice large quadcopter, with a great camera and recent features than X8HG is definitely a drone to consider buying. It does have below average specifications such as flight time and range, but keep in mind that the main focus of this drone is camera quality and Altitude Holder function.

What did you think of our Syma X8HG review? Have you ever flown or even owned a Syma drone? Are you considering buying this affordable drone to learn and practice, perhaps as a gift to someone? Let us know in the comment section below; we love reading your comments and discussing drone with you. Don’t forget to bookmark our page and always come back for more great reviews, guides and news! Happy flying!

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