Parrot Bebop 2 + Black Skycontroller Review

 Parrot Bebop 2 is Just Amazing Drone

Following the commercial success of Bebop quadcopter, Parrot has given their fans what they were asking for: Parrot Bebop 2. From beginners to experts everybody loves this amazing and affordable FPV drone. If you thought Bebop 1 looked good, be prepared for Bebop 2 improved design. It includes the same shape, plastic edge development and fisheye lens on the front, with the exception of that now just a little measure of delicate and effortlessly scratched froth encompasses the front lens. Parrot reengineered the frame and body to make the drone more resistant to crashes without expanding weight and size.

Parrot Bebop 2 review

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Parrot Bebop 2 has a built-in 14MP FPV camera recording at 3072p 30fps. Camera has a fish-eye lens capable of recording 170º view. Bebop 2 can see practically everything before it; far left, right, above and underneath. It doesn’t record the greater part of this perspective: rather, it utilizes this to settle the video by detecting the development of the quadcopter and moving the territory caught as video to react to that. FPV (real time video transmission) is displayed directly on the table device through WiFi connection.


Bebop can be controlled either by Android or iOS gadget (FreeFlight 3 application) or by using the new Skycontroller Black, a transmitter which enhances Bebop 2 capacities by extending its scope and control ease. Application gives you access to all Bebop 2 features, including the FlightPlan which enables auto-pilot flying (a paid Android and iOS application which costs $19.99). In the event that you buy the Skycontroller station (Skycontroller Black is the new form), Bebop can have its range expanded to 2km! Skycontroller needs to connect to a tablet or cell phone for FPV (real time video transmission) flights. 2,700-mAh Li-po battery powers up to 25 minutes of flight time, a good maximum flight time which will please many new pilots. Bebop 2 can fly up to 18m/s horizontally and 6m/s vertically.


THE GOOD Bebop 2 is a great drone to take to the park and have fun or fly indoors. Built-in camera is good quality providing great aerial footage together with its 170º fish-eye lens. Bebop 2 is remotely easy to control with your Android or iOS device and the Skycontroller Black. Flight time is also very good as well as the range (when using together with Skycontroller Black). Fast drone with fun features.
THE BAD Sometimes Bebop 2 may have some connectivity issues but nothing to worry about. It does not happen with a frequency which will harm your flights. Paid application is a downside, it would be great to have access to auto-pilot without having to purchase the application.
BOTTOM LINE Overall Bebop 2 is a great quadcopter for anyone who just wants to experience drone flying, have fun, record some awesome aerial footage and still keep some money in its pocket. It definitely sparks the ‘cool’ factor among the crowds.

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