Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior

Welcome to another review by Drones World, today we take a deeper look into one of the most promising Toy quadcopters for GoPro this year. I have actually been looking forward for this release for quite a while and if you are a drone enthusiast on a short-budget looking for a cheap option for you to place your GoPro, let me present you: the Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior. Try not to let the “reasonable toy grade” expression trick you, K70C Sky Warrior is really one of the best among the large models (55.7 x 53.8 x 17.5 cm) for your action camera in 2016. People have Called it the Syma X8C killer, and let me inform you right now in the advance it definitely is! Kaideng K70C is an incredible case of how quickly the Toy Grade drone business sector is developing. Presently with K70C out there in the market other Toy Grade drone organizations will need to venture up their diversion, in light of the fact that the price~quality of this drone aimed at carrying cameras is astounding. If you are into photography and videography you will surely be interested in knowing more about this Unmanned Aerial Vehicle!


Kaideng K70C Sky WarriorKaideng Features Magnificent Camera, Gimbal and Mount

How about we begin by discussing the camera and gimbal since this is Toy Grade drone is particularly aimed at the photography and videography lovers. You will rapidly acknowledge why this will be your next camera quadcopter. Firstly, it has something most Toy quadcopters don’t have, I’m talking about the remotely controlled gimbal. Adjust your preferable angle of view on your 2.4 Ghz transmitter full down, horizontal, or angles in between, whatever you prefer. This is an astounding capacity for photography and videography since it allows different angles of view without having to land the quadcopter and manually do it. Uncommon among camera drones within this price range. Also, the mount in which the action camera is placed, is resistant to vibration totally eliminating ‘jello effect’ something all drone enthusiasts hate on their Toy drones. K70C effectively eliminates this problem without no hassle. Definitely a big plus for photographers and video. Practically any action camera can fit on its mount this includes, of course, the widely adored GoPro Hero 4 and other GoPro clones, for example, Xiamoi Yi and the affordable option SJCam. But Kaideng doesn’t stop here, if you don’t have another action camera, don’t worry, K70C includes its 2MP Hawkeye camera, moderately quality, fit for giving decent aerial footage which will satisfy the most casual of pilots . Kaideng K70C has likewise mulled over a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues among Toy Grade camera: the propellers getting in the camera view. Subsequently, the camera has been set up far forward, and quadcopter arms are cleared back to maintain a strategic distance from propellers and arms coming to disturb the field of perspective. As should be obvious, in the event that you are searching for an astounding Toy Grade camera quadcopter for an extremely moderate value price you won’t currently find a better and cheaper solution than the K70C currently in the market.

Control distance and payload

If we take the price into consideration, we can consider Kaideng K70C a high-performance large quadcopter capable of lifting almost any action camera and other objects up to 500g! Yes it can carry half a kilo attached to it! The coreless and direct-drive motors are very durable and will ensure a nice steep pitch enabling very fast high rates. These yaw rates can be adjusted according to pilot’s skills, from beginner to expert. Nice hovering, very stable, smooth flyer, nice fit to every pilot. The 2.4 GHz transmitter enables control distance of 150 to 200 meters. Slightly above the average seen on same price drones (which is 100 meters). The 6-axis gyro system (common among Toy Grade drones) allows a Strong stable flight, various useful and responsive flight movements and strong wind resistance.


Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior Features

KAIDENG K70C SKY WARRIOR bestKaideng K70C Sky Warrior doesn’t have many features, since it focus on other aspects of flying. However, it includes the common 360º aerial stunt, although I would not advise you to perform it many times due to large size of this quadcopter. You may end up over-heating the motors and consequently burning them out. Do it one or two times per flight and that’s it. Follow this advice to ensure your K70C motors will last you a long time. Other features are the Headless Mode (easier orientation control despite where the drone’s front is pointing at) and One-Key Return (drone returns to pilot). Another important and uncommon feature that must be mentioned is the LED lights in the arms, it enables the pilot to perform night flights, and a personal opinion they look very good! Definitely sparking the ‘cool factor’ among other drones at night.


Battery Power

On top of all this greatness Kaideng K70C also has an above average flight time, again slightly above the average time other quadcopters within this price range. Powered by a 7.4V 2000mah Li-po removable battery, K70C has a flight time of up to 9~10 minutes.


THE GOOD K70C is one of the best large quadcopters you can currently get to transport almost any action camera you have. First of all it has a remotely controlled gimbal, very responsive, quickly acquiring new angles of view. The camera mount is compatible with almost any sport cameras including GoPro, Xiami, SJCam and Hawkeye. LED arms give it a unique look for night flights. Control distance and flight time are above average. Landing gear and propellers are highly resistant to hits and crashes, very durable.
THE BAD It would have been great and useful if they had incorporated Altitude Holder feature for photography and videography on K70C.
BOTTOM LINE Overall if you are looking for a camera drone at a very affordable price Kaideng K70C is your best option currently available in the market. One of the best Toy Grade camera drones in the market for this first half of the year 2016, without any doubt.

Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior  Specs:



What do you think of our Kaideng K70C Sky Warrior review? Have you been looking for a very affordable quadcopter to carry your GoPro? Well you just found your best option! Even if you don’t own any camera, K70C cames with its 2MP camera, gimbal and mount. What more can we ask? Grab your own and start taking aerial footage with the best flight experience possible for a drone within this budget! Don’t forget to comment on the section bellow! Drones World wishes you a happy flight, keep visiting us daily for more and bookmark our page!!




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