JJRC X1 Review – JJRC’s First Brushless Drone

Hello and welcome to another Drones World review! Today we bring you what might just be the best and most affordable choice for any drone enthusiast looking for a brushless toy quadcopter with incredible control distance and flight time. As expected, such a powerful and yet affordable quadcopter could only be produced by one of my personal favorite toy drone manufacturers: JJRC. They are one of the most active and best-rated toy drone companies currently releasing products in the market. We will discuss this further on, and we will let you do your own judgment. By the end of this JJRC X1 review, you will have all the data you need to make your decision. Without further due, let us move on to our JJRC X1 review!

Brushless Motors! Not Brushed

Most common toy drones use brushed motors, brushed motors are cheap to produce but have little durability. Most companies use these type of engines to reduce the manufacturing cost of their products. However, JJRC has changed this by introducing their JJRC X1 model, their first brushless quadcopter. Brushless motors are more powerful, efficient and much more durable. X1 makes use of four D1806 – 2280KV brushless motors each one with 6-inch propellers. For better understanding, 1806 is the motor/rotor diameter, and 2280 is the revolutions per volt. Thanks to its lightweight frame and powerful brushless motors, JJRC X1 is a very fast quadcopter with high yaw rates. High yaw rates are not advised for beginners, therefore if you are a beginner fly on a lower yaw mode (this can be changed on the remote controller).

JJRC X1 Flight Time

JJRC X1 has an impressive flight time. Since it does have a camera, its battery can provide more power, thus increasing the flight time. JJRC X1 is equipped with a 7.4 voltage 1300mah Lipo battery. Such battery enables up to 15 minutes of flight hours. Considering that the average flight time for drones within its price range is 8 minutes, X1 exceeds such average by far. Definitely a positive aspect of JJRC X1 which makes it stand out from the shelf.

Control Distance

Another very positive aspect in JJRC X1. In fact, JJRC is the toy drone manufacturer with the highest average control distance in its products. While the average range for toy drones within this price range is 100 to 150 meters, JJRC products perform much, much better. JJRC X1, for example, has a control distance ranging between 300 to 400 meters! Much better than any other toy drone within its budget.


JJRC X1 Features

As you have undoubtedly noticed the main aim of JJRC X1 is to provide an outstanding performance through its brushless motors, a high flight time and a control long range. But on top of all those amazing specifications, JJRC X1 is still able to pack some useful and fun features such as Headless Mode (easier flight orientation despite where the front of the drone is pointing at). Return to Home (drone returns back to pilot) and the more obvious 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button and LED lights for night flights. Headless Mode feature is extremely useful for beginners as it makes the drone easier to pilot and Return to Home is also critical to the drone’s long range. Even when you fly X1 out of eyesight, quickly make its comeback to you thanks to this feature.


Material and Design

JJRC X1 is made of the most commonly used material for low-budget toy drones. I’m talking about ABS plastic, a somewhat resistant type of material which will endure most crashes and hits. JJRC X1 design comes in two different colors, blue and green, the one depicted in the image is the blue version. The motors and propellers are protected by a plastic frame which will make sure the motors and props are not easily broken. Even though JJRC X1 has an antenna on top of its frame, it is purely for aesthetics, it is not a functional antenna and does nothing for the quadcopter.

JJRC X1 Camera?

Even though JJRC X1 does not include its own camera, due to the powerful brushless motors, it can easily carry a GoPro or other action cameras such as an SJcam or Xiamoi.



JJRC X1 heard the consumer and manufactured their first brushless quadcopter, and it has been a big hit! Few toy quadcopters can come close to JJRC X1 regarding motor performance. Flight time and control distance also rank among the best considering this drone’s price.



THE GOOD JJRC X1 has many greatly positive aspects. Firstly it was one of the very few toy drones to have brushless motors, in fact it may just be the only brushless quadcopter within its price range! Secondly, it has an astonishing flight time of 15 minutes powered by its 7.4V 1300mah Lipo battery, way above the average battery time. Thirdly, also has an above average control distance of up to 400 meters! Truly amazing.
THE BAD Fake antenna is purely for aesthetics, not necessary.
BOTTOM LINE If your priority is finding a high-performance affordable drone with brushless motors and above average flight time and control distance, then JJRC X1 is one of your best options. Overall, it is a great quadcopter for both beginners and experts. It can reach high speeds but it can also be very easy to maneuver for beginners. Looking for a brushless toy quadcopter for a very affordable price? Well, you just found it!

What do you think of our JJRC X1 review? Have you ever owned a JJRC product? Are you considering buying X1? You won’t be disappointed, almost any JJRC drone is a good value for your money, and JJRC X1 is a good example of this. Released back in 2015, even today this drone has no rival! Let us know what you think of it in the comment section below! We at Drones World love to discuss with you the drones we review. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our page for more drone-detailed reviews, guides and news. Happy flying fellow drone lovers!

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