JJRC H28C with Unique Modular Design

JJRC has been extremely active in the low-cost market, releasing great products one after another. One of their most recent drones is the JJRC H28C. A large (47 x 47 x 19 cm) camera quadcopter designed with a modular arm for easier transportation. A great drone for travelling. JJRC usually focus on a particular aspect of the drone to make it stand out from the rest. The JJRC H26D has a 3MP camera and 2-Axis Gimbal (one of the most promising Toy Grade camera drones in 2016), the JJRC X1 has brushless motors and so on. But today we are reviewing H28C, a quadcopter with a unique low-cost modular design made for easy transportation, a low-cost camera drone which can be easily taken anywhere inside a backpack. Let us analyse this awesome JJRC drone and see what the positive and negatives sides of it are! Hopefully by the end of this review you will be able to form on your opinion, who knows this might just be the quadcopter you have been looking for!Also you can check our review of JJRC H12C that’s the low-cost drone with 5MP of Camera.


JJRC H28C Design

Let’s start with what makes H28C stand out from the other Toy Grade camera drones in the market. Have you ever tried to take your camera drone with you on holidays but you realized it was impossible to fit it anywhere? Sometimes it’s not due to its size, it’s because of its shape. Consequently you are afraid to put place it anywhere just to find its arms broken. Well, if this is a consistent problem for you, worry no longer! JJRC came up with an affordable solution to this problem. This quadcopters arms are detachable from the main body and can be easily attached again, allowing it to fit pretty much anywhere. This modular design is also useful in can you need to replace a damaged arm or motor, just take it out and replace it with a new one, that simple!

JJRC H28C Performance

If you are a performance fanatic (as I am) you will want your money to be invested on a drone capable of delivering the best performance your money can afford. This is why I recommend JJRC over and over again. When it comes to performance, there is no going wrong with a JJRC drone. Stable and smooth flight, fit for most beginners. Capable of flying as far as 200 meters (a little above average for quadcopters within this price range, JJRC excels at this). Nice yaw rates for different skill levels, beginners can learn and practice at slower rates while experts can challenge themselves at higher yaw rates.

JJRC H28C Camera and Gimbal

H28C includes a fairly below average quality camera which will satisfy most pilots. However, and because our aim at DronesWorld is always to provide the most accurate information we must warn you that the advertised 2MP camera included with this drone is not actually 2MP (1280 x 720 pixel).. The camera quality resembles much more a 0.3MP 640 x 480 pixel) and it does have some ‘jello effect’. This is the negative side of this drone, JJRC focused on producing an affordable drone with modular design and great range but failed with camera. If you prefer camera quality to the modular design please check the JJRC H26D review. Besides the camera H28C comes with a 1-Axis Stabilized Gimbal able to turn up and down allowing the pilot to acquire different recording angles.

JJRC H28C Features

JJRC always makes sure their drone products include useful features able to compete with other same price drones. H28C is no exception, besides the fairly common 360º aerial stunt with just the push of a button and the LED lights for night flight, H28C also includes Headless Mode and One-Key Return. Headless Mode allows pilot to easier control the drone despite where the quadcopter’s front is pointing at, while One-Key Return allows H28C return to pilot. However One-Key Return is not completely accurate and it may not return to the exact position 100%. Another fun feature to mention is H28C capability to continuously roll in air with its 360º stunt (instead of rolling once it can keep rolling for extra fun!). Take it to the park and perform this continuous aerial rolling in front of everybody, I’m sure you will amaze many.



There is not much to say about the transmitter, it’s a fairly simple 2.4GHz controller with a good looking design. It has 4 channels, buttons for camera, stunts and other features. It does have a control distance of 200 meters! Which as previously said is great for such an affordable quadcopter!

Battery Life

If you have ever flown your read about JJRC products before you will surely now they invest in good batteries. JJRC drones always have a good flight ensuring the pilot gets the most out of his drone. It uses a 7.4V 1200mAh battery powering between 8 to 10 minutes of flight time. Once again slightly above the average flight time for quadcopters within this price range. A great thing about this quadcopter is the ability to be charged via USB which is very useful especially since it’s a drone meant for travelling. Easily charge it on your PC in just 150 minutes.

What about you?

Now that you have read our JJRC H28C review what do you think of this affordable modular design solution quadcopter? Is it what you have been looking for to take to the park or outdoor sporting events? Do you already own one or are considering buying one? Let us know in the comment section below, we love to read your opinion on the drones we review. Do you have any footage of this drone flying? Perhaps videos or photos taken using this quadcopter, share it with us in the comments too! Happy flying!


Included in the original package:

1 x JJRC H28C Quadcopter

1 x 2.4 GHz Transmitter with 4 channels

1 x Protection Set

1 x Blade set

1 x 4GB Memory Card (a very nice extra in my opinion, just keep in mind it’s a no-brand memory card)

1 x USB Card Reader

1 x USB Charger

1 x Manual

THE GOOD H28C has many great things in its favor, mainly the unique modular design. Something you will hardly find in other same price products. If you are looking for an easy to carry low-cost large camera drone with modular design H28C might just be your only option at the moment. It has a 200 meter flight time, great range (we wouldn’t expect any less from JJRC). Flight time ranges between 8 to 10 minutes with some pilots claiming 12 minutes if camera is not used during flight. On top of all this the package also includes a 4GB Memory Card, always a nice extra to save your flight footage and photos.
THE BAD Unfortunately H28C does have an important negative side, the camera. It’s not the 2MP as advertised but rather a 0.3MP with some considerable ‘jello effect’. The second negative side is the One-Key Return feature not being very accurate (although it does the job).
BOTTOM LINE Overall H28C is the easy to carry Toy Grade camera drone you have been looking for. It does have a considerable below average image quality camera but despite that it’s a high-performance (considering the price) drone with better range, flight time and maneuverability than most other same price drones in the market.

JJRC H28C Specs:



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