JJRC H26D One of the most promising low-cost camera drones

Welcome to another Drones World review. By now we have all gotten used to the high-quality toy drones JJRC has been manufacturing. If you are new to this drone industry you will soon learn JJRC is one of the top low-cost drone toy brands. If your love for drones is already mature and you already own some products, most likely you already are familiar with JJRC. Today we are taking a deeper look into one of the most promising low-cost drones in 2016: the JJRC H26D. This amazingly affordable quadcopter is one of JJRC’s best camera Toy Grade drones being recently released in the market. JJRC is a trustworthy company which already has earned their reputation has one of the most reliable RC products company currently active in the market. The useful JJRC H26D Review, which will amaze many beginners looking for a cheap and yet powerful large camera drone. Follow us, as Drones World reviews this amazingly fun and affordable quadcopter. If you are interested in other unique and innovative drones by JJRC, check the JJRC H28C with modular design and JJRC H12C !


JJRC-H26D-QuadcopterFirstly let us start with JJRC H26D Review strongest feature. For this drone, JJRC has decided to invest in an above average image quality (considering other same-price quadcopters) camera. H26D is one of the few Toy Grade drones within this price range to include its own 3MP camera. Most Toy drones use a 0.3MP, 1MP or 2MP. JJRC pushed the game a little bit further and included a 3MP camera with 120º Field of View. Expect good quality photos and video which will surely satisfy many drone enthusiasts on a low-budget looking for a good aerial footage drone. Besides the 3MP and the 120º FOV, H26D also includes its own 2-Axis Gimbal capable of tilting upward, downward, right or left with just a push of a button on your RC controller. This allows pilots to acquire different recording angles for their videos and photos. Definitely one of the most viable toy camera drones within this price range. We expect an increase of low-cost drones in the market being released together with 3MP cameras perhaps even 5MP has JJRC did previously with Tarantula X6. JJRC has realised the big potential in low-cost photography and videography. Every drone enthusiast looks forward to take their quadcopter to the park or even the beach and perform some amazing flights while recording family and friends having fun.

JJRC is particularly good at manufacturing affordable drones with an astonishing control distance. Much like Tarantula X6 (another drone by JJRC), H26D also has a 300 meter range, way above the 80-150 meters average control distance for low-cost quadcopters. Not only JJRC has exceled in producing a good camera with a gimbal, but it also made sure H26D had a control distance which would amaze many enthusiasts. Range of 300 meters is more than enough to any person enjoy their drone to the maximum until they lose eye-sight of it. Do not worry, you won’t lose it. JJRC has taken this into consideration and has included features which allow even the most of beginners to recover their H26D even when they are way past eye-sight. We will discuss this useful features in the next paragraph.


Besides the 360º aerial stunt feature and the LED lights for night flights, JJRC H26D also features Headless Mode, drone’s turning will be more logical and easier for beginners; One-Key Return, a feature which allows the drone to return to pilot. Considering its 300 meter control distance both these features will be very useful to beginner pilots, especially One-Key Return, ensuring you will not lose your drone once it flies past your angle of view. One-Key Return is an important feature to have in drones with such a big range, as it becomes easy to lose track of it in the horizon, One-Key Return allows the drone to safely return to where previously began flight.

JJRC H26D is poweredJJRC-H26D by a 7.4 voltage 1.200mAh 30C LiPo battery, not the best battery for this quadcopter as it only powers up to 7 minutes of flight time. However, considering it is a large drone with a decent lifting power, using another type of battery could over-heat the motors. Therefore, although it is not an astonishing flight time, JJRC H26D compensates with a stronger camera
and control distance. Another important thing to mention is the USB charger, plugin the battery into your computer and quickly charge H26D without any hassle. If H26D has all you need expect for flight time we at Drones World advise you to purchase an extra-battery. They can be easily found in Amazon, are very affordable and will enable you to increase the fun time you get from it. Another important advice you should take into consideration is the motors, after you exchange batteries it’s important to wait around 10 to 15 minutes before you begin flight again. This gives time for the motors to cool off, therefore preventing them from over-heating.

If you are seeking a large quadcopter with a good camera for aerial footage for a fairly low price, H26D is the one. If your love for drones combines with a love for photography and videography, but you would like to learn and practice how to control a drone without spending much money, H26D definitely is the one for you. A great starting camera drone before you move on to a higher-budget camera drone such as the Parrot Bebop 2.  It is important to learn the basics with a cheaper drone before moving to more expensive products.


What do you think of JJRC H26D Review? Do you love it as much as we do or do you have a different opinion? Are you considering buying this big boy? Surely a great quadcopter to any photography and videography fan working on a low-budget. H26D allows you to both learn the basics and practice as well as get some decent aerial footage while you getting the hang of it. Have you ever flown a JJRC product? Perhaps you have a less powerful quadcopter and are looking to upgrade. Perhaps you know someone who would love this camera drone and are thinking about buying it as a gift. Do you already have some footage taken from JJRC H26D 3MP camera? Let us know on the comment section below! Drones World is here to not only to guide you and inform you but also to share with you all the good moments your drones provide you! Happy flying!

THE GOOD H26D is one of the best camera drones you will find at the lowest price possible. Practically no other Toy grade drone within this price range features a 3MP camera with 120º FOV plus a 2-Axis Gimbal. H26D also has an astonishing control distance of 300 meters, way above the average range of same price drones. On top of all this, it also includes useful features which will delight any drone enthusiast.
THE BAD Flight time is only 6 to 7 minutes. However, considering its large size it could be difficult to expect more.
BOTTOM LINE If you are seeking a low-priced toy camera drone with above average features and specifications JJRC H26D definitely is the best bang for your buck! Currently in the market no other large toy camera drone does such a good job as H26D does. Drones World highly advises this quadcopter to photography and videography fans on a low budget.

JJRC H26D Specs:


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