JJRC H12C – A Low-Cost Drone with a 5MP camera!

JJRC is one of the most innovative and active low-cost Toy drones manufacturer currently in the market. They have regularly been releasing great products, innovating with better cameras and unique new features and specifications. Today, Drones World brings you, once again, one of the top most recommend toy camera drones for beginners, at a very affordable price, JJRC H12C! The less than 70$ toy drone with a 5MP camera drone included! The most affordable drone to include such a high pixels HD camera. With this in mind let us move on to our JJRC H12C review! Also we made reviews for JJRC-H26D One of the most promising low-cost camera drones and JJRC-H28C with awesome modular design.

JJRC H12C QuadRemote Controller and Maximum Control Distance

First of all, let me start by discussing a key factor to JJRC’s success in the toy drone market. Something that it’s present in practically all of JJRC products, something that really shows the dedicated engineers they must have to work for that company. Almost all of JJRC products, not only are very affordable, but also feature an average of 300 meters of maximum control range! No other low-cost toy drone manufacturer can offer this currently in the market. JJRC H12C is no exception, this incredibly easy to fly a quadcopter, is capable of reaching up to 300 meters in distance. On top of this, it has a beautiful and steady hover (thanks to its 6 Axis Gyro system), a good fit for beginners which prioritize long range and camera quality. Transmission is done through the 6 channel 2.4 GHz frequency controller remote (included in the package).


5MP Camera

Now let’s discuss the camera which comes with JJRC H12C complete package. The most affordable camera drone to feature a 5MP camera. Most drones within this price range feature a 0.3 to 2MP camera, not even HD but SD instead. JJRC H12C, however, features a high-quality 5MP camera with 1080p resolution. It does have some occasional “jello-effect” therefore I advise you to put a piece of foam or cardboard between the camera and the drone, to reduce the vibration and consequently the “jello effect.” Camera can take photographs and record video, directly stored on a Micro-SD card. You can do all of this easily through buttons on your remote controller.

JJRC H12C Features

JJRC H12C reviewOne of the best things about JJRC is how they able to combine both useful features and amazing specifications together in such an affordable drone package. Most low-cost toy drones companies reduce the investment on specifications spectrum when investing in some feature that makes the drone stand out from the shelf. But not JJRC, they can maintain a right balance between features and specifications while keeping the product at a very affordable price. JJRC H12C is yet another example of this quality of JJRC products. The drone features the standard 360º aerial stunt (with just the push of a button), the LED lights (for night flight), Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where drone front is pointed at) and One Key Return. One Key Return does not actually means the drone returns to where it previously began flight. Instead, it turns on Headless Mode, and H12C will then remember the first heading when started a flight and fly the opposite direction. This most of the time makes the drone return in pilot’s direction. Such feature is very useful for JJRC drones because they have an extensive range of 300 meters and more. Therefore it is important a feature which helps return the drone when it flew far from sight.

Battery and Flight Time of  JJRC H12C

JJRC H12C is powered by a 3.7 voltage 750mah Li-Po battery. It can be charged via USB, without ever removing a battery from the drone. The battery takes around 100 minutes to complete a full charge. The flight time of JJRC H12C can get from this battery is around 7 minutes, the average flight time for drones within this price range.



My conclusion is that JJRC H12C is one of the best fits for drone enthusiasts and mostly beginners looking for a quadcopter with an amazing maximum range and an above average camera. JJRC H12C tops other drones within its price range (and even higher budget) with its fantastic 300-meter range and 5MP camera. On top of this, it also offers a safe and stable hover, different flight modes (from beginner to expert) and an outstanding set of features. JJRC H12C is an excellent and viable choice for anyone looking for a cheap drone with long range, good quality camera, and fun features.



JJRC H12C features an astonishing control distance of 300 meters! Way above the average distance for drones within this price range. Package includes a 5MP 1080p camera with low “jello-effect”. Drones have a good set of useful features such has Headless Mode and One Key Return. Its low price is also a very positive factor.
THE BAD Fake useless external antenna, although in the end, it’s just my preference in design. Yours may be different.
BOTTOM LINE Overall, JJRC H12C is a fabulous choice for everyone looking for probably their first drone or a gift to offer. Mainly because it’s easy to fly and it features two of the things most people are looking for on an affordable toy drone: long range and good image quality. As previously mentioned, JJRC H12C features a 300-meter maximum range and a 5MP HD camera which takes photos and records video.


What did you think of our JJRC H12C review? Were you aware that this affordable drone was available on the market? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below, we at Drones World love to read your comments! Fly on!

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