Holy Stone F181 – Affordable Quadcopter From 2015

Hello and welcome to another great review here on Drones World! Today we analyze an affordable toy quadcopter released back in 2015. Reason why we are still considering it in 2016? Well, Holy Stone F181 is still one of the best bangs for your buck. Looking for a quadcopter packed with useful features and competitive specifications for a very low price? You will surely be interested in Holy Stone F181. The toy quadcopter market increases day by day, new powerful and affordable drones are being regularly added to the market. With this in mind, we at Drones World aim always to find the best drones your budget can buy. Now, let’s take a deeper look into Holy Stone F181 drone.

Holy Stone F181

Holy Stone F181 is Ease to Use – Amazing for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking to buy your first drone? Or perhaps you are looking for a drone to offer to a beginner? Either way, Holy Stone F181 has that covered. Thanks to its 6-Axis Gyro, F181 is very easy to control, very steady drone hovers very well even on windy conditions. You will be quickly piloting this drone on your first flights. An excellent drone to learn and practice. Besides the 6-Axis Gyro, Holy Stone F181 also has a feature that is extremely useful to beginners. I’m talking about Headless Mode. While your drone is on the floor point it forward and activate Headless Mode, this will make it much easier to control. Why? Because the drone will change direction despite where its front is pointing at during flight (this is why it’s called “headless”), forward is forward, and backward is backward.  Headless mode is very useful especially to beginners which will surely find it hard to control the drone during the first flights after losing track of where the front is pointed.

2 Megapixels Camera

Are you interested in taking photographs and recording aerial footage with a toy drone? Well, I’m happy to inform you that Holy Stone F181 includes its own 2MP camera capable of recording at 720p resolution. Image quality is not bad; it does have a slight ‘jello-effect’ however considering other cameras from same price drones this one is slightly above the average quality, which was actually a good surprise! Capable of recording videos and taking photographs saved on a memory card up to 2GB. If you are a beginner looking for a drone with a high-quality camera for an affordable price, Holy Stone F181 is one of your best choices currently available in the market.


2.4Ghz Controller Remote and What it Does

Holy Stone F181 also includes a user-friendly controller remote. It has a small LCD monitor which informs pilot if Headless Mode is active or not and also displays the % of the drone’s pitch and yaw. The pilot can switch between 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. Higher the pitch, harder it becomes for the pilot to control it, but on the other hand, the drone will be faster and more acrobatic. Other buttons on the controller remote also allow the pilot to take photos and start and stop recording video. Also, with just the click of a button Holy Stone F181 can perform 360º aerial stunts on air to whatever direction the controller’s stick is pointing.

Holy Stone F181 in VIDEO:

Flight time and Control DistanceHoly Stone F181 control


Other important specifications to mention are the flight time which ranges between 7 to 9 minutes, within the average flight time for drones within this price range. Holy Stone F181 is powered by a 3.7 voltage 750 mAh battery which takes around 80 minutes to charge. The 2.4GHz controller remote enables a control distance ranging between 50 to 100 meters, also within the average control range for drones within this budget.

Holy Stone F181 is one of the most affordable toy drones for learning and practicing. Very stable and easy to control. Useful features for beginners. Flight time and control range are among the average for a drone within this budget. Camera image quality is good, which was actually an honest surprise!
THE BAD It lacks One-Key Home Return feature.
BOTTOM LINE Overall, if you are a beginner looking for a cheap drone to learn and practice, or are just looking for a cheap drone to offer as a gift, Holy Stone F181 surely rates among the best to choose from. Drones World advises this complete camera drone package to all beginners out there!

Holy Stone F181 SPECS:




What did you think of our Holy Stone F181 review? Have you been looking for a beginner friendly drone at a very affordable price? Let us know in the comment section below, we at Drones World always look forward to reading your opinion. Happy flying fellow drone enthusiasts!

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