Dronestagram: Explore and Share Photos Taken by Drones

The bird’s eye view, explore the world, share the best moments. Drone technology has brought us a new view of the world. Everyone, and I mean everyone, can pilot a drone packed with a camera and record and photograph from an aerial point of view. French entrepreneur Eric Dupin has released the potential of such a global phenomenon and decided to create a platform where pilots can share their videos and photos. It is called Dronestagram, a niche type Instagram, which allows people to upload their media and share it with a wide community of drone enthusiasts. The website already has thousands of amazing aerial photos and videos available for anyone to browse, comment, like and share. Dronestagram is opened to any camera drone owner looking for a platform to share their content as well as find other great media from all around the world.

Dronestagram is divided into several categories such as “Urban”, “Country”, “Pro”, “Amateur”, “Sports” and many other categories on which you can add your own photos and videos. Dronestagram is a great place to discover and explore new sightings you never thought existed. The platform allows you to follow your favorite users and always be informed when they post a new photo or video. If your love for aerial photography and videography just keeps on growing, than Dronestagram is the place for you, who knows you might even have one of your photos featured in other relevant media.

2016 was the 3rd annual International Drone Photography Contest. Thousands of entries were submitted from everywhere in the world by talented professional photographers and amateur drone photo enthusiasts. This contest is organized by Dronestagram in association with National Geographic and other renowned sponsors, namely: SO Sofitel Mauritius, Europ Assistance, 3D Robotics, Go Pro, Lowepro & Zeinberg. There are 3 categories opened for entry every year: Travel, Adventure-Sports and Nature Wildlife. Thousands of amazing drone photos are submitted every year. Many of them being breathtaking. Below are the 1st prize winners for each category this year:

TRAVEL Category 1st Prize Winner:


ADVENTURE-SPORTS Category 1st Prize Winner:


NATURE-WILDLIFE Category 1st Prize Winner:


You too can take part of this epic adventure! Check our Best drones, pick the camera drone which best fits your budget and needs and start photographing the beautiful world we have! Upload and share your photographs and footage with other drone photography and videography enthusiasts, let the world see what you and your drone have seen! It’s an amazing experience, enabled by one of the best breakthroughs in technology on our current modern days. Don’t forget to visit Drones World often and bookmark our page for more drone related news, reviews and guides. Leave a comment below telling us what you think of Dronestagram have you tried before? Are you going to try it now? Show us your photos and videos! Happy flying and photographing fellow camera drone lovers.


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