Top 10 Drones Under $300

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Looking for the best Top 10 best drones under $300? Look no further, we at DronesWorld have researched and compared all commercial drones currently in the market within this price range. We have then compiled a best drones under $300 list. We hope this helps you deciding which best fits you. However, if you are looking for more great drones at a lower price please check our Best Drones Under $200 list. On the other hand if you have some extra money to invest on a high-end product we have also compiled a Best Drones Under 500 dollars list.

Best Drones Under 300 $ Table.

NameFlight timeControl rangePrice
Blomiky JXD 506HG8-10 minutes50m Check On Amazon
Flying 3D X815 minutes1km Check On Amazon
Dromida XL 37010-12 minutes+150 m Check On Amazon
Nighthawk Pro 2806 minutes250m Check On Amazon
Cheerson CX-20 10-15 minutes300m Check On Amazon
Walkera Rodeo 1508 minutes800m Check On Amazon
Walkera Runner 25014 minutes1km Check On Amazon
Parrot Bebop 18-11 minutes300m-2km Check On Amazon
Blade 200 QX 9 minutes365m Check On Amazon
UPair One22 minutes1km Check On Amazon

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Best Top 10 Drones Under 300 Dollars

Note: This Top 10 List has been updated regarding the new drone market in 2017.

10- Blomiky JXD 506HG


Blomiky JXD 506HG

How amazing and extremely affordable this drone is, in fact it is one of the best and most affordable drones on this list. First of all, Blomiky JXD 506HG comes with a 12MP camera with a 170º super wide angle lens and capable of recording 1080p video. It does transmit FPV (real time video transmission) directly to a smartphone through a free app (App name”iSmart DV”) available for both Android and iOS, it comes with a phone holder for you to place your smartphone (as seen on the image). 506HG also comes with the necessary features for a drone within this price range, such features include: Headless Mode, One Key Return (drone flies backwards, it does not actually return to pilot), Altitude Holder and of course LED lights. Unfortunately, 506HG does have some negatives aspects to it, such as the short control range of only 50 meters and a flight time of 8 to 10 minutes.


5MP WiFi FPV CameraRemote Frequency: 2.4Ghz
6 Axis GyroControl Distance: 50 meters
Headless ModeFlight Time: 8 to 10 minutes
Altitude Holder
One Key Return
Altitude Holder
LED Lights

Charging Time: 90 minutes

9- Flying 3D X8


Flying 3D X8

Flying 3D X8 is a drone packed with professional features and specifications at a small price. It has GPS and FPV system and is equipped with a brushless gimbal perfect to fit a GoPro. It is a very stable flier, a very good fit for aerial video and photography enthusiasts. Flying 3D X8 also packs some great and useful features such as Intelligent Orientation Control (much like Headless Mode), One-key Return (drone returns to pilot), Automatic Landing, Fixed Point Function (drone flies around targeted object), Directional Locking Function. Most amazingly it has a control distance of 1KM!


Gimbal Mount for Go ProRemote Frequency: 2.4GHz
5.8 GHz FPV Transmitter
Control Distance: 1000 meters
Altimeter, Accelerometer, BarometerFlight Time: 15 minutes
Intelligent Flight Mode
Automatic Landing
Headless Mode
One-Key Return
Charging Time: 90 minutes
Drone size: 25.1 x 25.1 x 22.4 cm

8- Dromida XL 370


Dromida XL 370

Probably have never heard of Dromida drone manufacturer before, but I’m here to inform you. They have produced a great quality drone at a very affordable price. Dromida 370 has a very interesting set of features that include Auto takeoff and landing (ascend 2 meters or descend back with just one button click), Altitude Hold, 360º aerial Stunt and LED lights. It also comes with a 1080p WiFi FPV camera that can display real time video directly to pilot’s smartphone or tablet via a free app available for Android and iOS.  Dromida XL 370 has a very decent flight time of up to 12 minutes and a control distance over 150 meters. Dromida XL 370 is a very fun toy quadcopter at an affordable price. If you like Auto Takeoff and Landing functions, this is a good price to get them on a drone.


1080p WiFi FPVRemote Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Altitude HolderControl Distance: +150 meters
Auto Takeoff
Auto Landing
Flight Time: 10 to 12 minutes
LED Lights
360º Aerial Stunt
Charging Time: 120 minutes

7- Nighthawk Pro 280


Nighthawk Pro 280

If you love speed and racing, Nighthawk Pro 280 is for you. Now that drone racing is growing into a serious sport, Nighthawnk Pro 280 might just be the drone any beginner is looking for. It comes with a Skylight 32 integrated flight control board containing four 12Amp speed controllers. The system is powered by four EMAX 2204 2300 kV motors. It supports FPV (First Person View), depending on the package it may include a 700TVL camera with 20W-200W video transmitter. It’s built in carbon and glass to assure maximum protection for crashes. It only weights 440g. A great light racer, compatible with Skyzone FPV Glasses for FPV racing.


Support for 700TVL FPV Camera
20MW/200MW FPV Transmitter
5.8 Ghz Antenna
Depends on user preferable customization and installed parts.
Skylight 32 control board
32bit ARM Micro Processor
Support for Skyzone FPV Glasses

6- Cheerson CX-20


Cheerson CX-20

Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder is one of the best-selling quadcopters out there in the market. Mainly due to its capability to carry a Go Pro camera. But CX-20 is also riche in features including IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control), GPS to remember its coordinates and recover from spins. Fixed position, hovering steadily in air, allowing pilot to focus on video. Low-Battery safety function, battery runs low the drone automatically lends itself to avoid crashing. Among other neat features. It uses a 2700mah 20C 3c battery which gives him enough power to fly 10 meters per second during 15 minutes of maximum flight time. A great replacement to the higher-priced DJI Phantom, has it has a lot of lifting power for GoPro.


Support Mount for Go ProRemote Frequency: 2.4Ghz
GPSControl Distance: 300 meters
Return to Home FunctionFlight Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Intelligent Orientation Control
LED Lights
Charging Time: 120 minutes
Drone Size: 30 x 20 cm

5- Walkera Rodeo 150


Walkera Rodeo 150

Walkera has been investing in the drone racing business a lot, they have released a wide range of racing drones, one of the most recent is Rodeo 150 with 40 channel support race bind. Rodeo 150 is a low-cost racing drone, for enthusiast racers on a tight budget, you will love this VERY affordable racing drone. Rodeo 150 only weights 215g (battery included) and has four powerful WK-WS-17-002(CW/CCW) brushless motors. It has a fast drone which will enable any pilot to compete in amateur races without any problem. It does come with the powerful DEVO 7 transmitter. Rodeo 150 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor races and supports 3D aerobatic flight mode and pilot can adopt F3 flight controller, the parameters are adjusted by phone. Moreover, it comes with a built-in 600TVL Night version mini camera, very useful to watch in First Person View what your drone is watching (extremely useful for racing). It does have a slightly below average flight time raging between 7 to 8 minutes. If you are a drone racing fan, this is a great starting drone!


600TVL Night version mini cameraRemote Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Adopt F3 flight controllerFlight Time: 7 to 8 minutes
Supports 3D aerobatic flight modeDrone Size: 13.7 x 14.8 x 7.7 cm
WK-WS-17-002(CW/CCW) brushless motors LED Lights

4- Walkera Runner 250


Walkera Runner 250

Walkera has joined the drone racing market, this is the first product they introduced under the racing category. The Runner 250, with a 250mm frame. Made out of carbon it is extremely light and resistant, capable of enduring the most crashes. Runner 250 uses four WK-WS-28-014 brushless motors giving him the power to fly at 35-40km/h for 12 to 14 minutes flight time on a range of 1KM. It is very quick and responding. Has a built-in support for FPV camera which can be connected to Goggle 2 for real-time image transmission plus live flight data. Another great racing drone quadcopter suitable to any beginner looking to have a go at aerial FPV racing.


Built-in 800VTL FPV Camera SupportRemote: Devo F7
5.8 Ghz AntennaControl Distance: 1000 meters
Goggle 2 FPV SupportFlight Time: up to 14 minutes
WK-WS-28-014 brushless motors
Carbon Material
Charging Time: 90 minutes
Drone size: 25.5 x 20.5 x 9.2 cm
Carbon MaterialDrone size: 25.5 x 20.5 x 9.2 cm

3- Parrot Bebop 1


Parrot Bebop 1

Parrot Bebop 1 was previously on our Top 10 Drones Under $500 List, but it has since become more affordable! Most likely you have already heard about this beautiful and user-friendly quadcopter. Especially than that Parrot has released an upgraded model of this drone the Bebop 2. But today we are discussing the first model, an amazing drone which is not yet (and won’t be in the near future) outdated. Bebop has four brushless motors which are very durable and high-performance, able to fly 13 meters per second horizontally. Bebop also comes with its own built-in 14MP camera with a recording angle of 180º. Bebop does not use a RC remote, instead, it connects to your smartphone or tablet device through a free app available for both Android and iOS. The app, besides functioning has a remote via WiFi, it also works as FPV (real time video transmission) screen. Transmitting live video directly to the monitor. This drone can be connected to Skycontroller Remote to power up its capabilities such as range and maneuverability.


14MP Built-In FPV CameraRemote Frequency: WiFi
Glass Fiber Material
Skycontroller Remote Compatible
Control Distance: 300 meters (2KM with Skycontroller)
Horizontal Speed: 13m/s
Return to HomeFlight Time: 8 to 11 minutes
Ultrasound Sensor
Brushless Motors
Charging Time: 120 minutes
Drone Size: 41.91 x 34.29 x 10.16 cm

2- Blade 200 QX


Blade 200 QX

Have you ever heard of the Blade series? Well, they have engineered a great drone earning the second place in our list. A very powerful quadcopter with brushless motors, such motors give it enough power to carry a Go Pro or other heavy objects. The 200QX has been produced with SAFE Technology allowing for secure acrobatic flights. It is highly stable and gentle, perfect for beginners. Blade 200 QX drone has also been optimized to support E-flite EFC-721 HD camera. It features three modes: stability mode, 3D stagility mode and 3D agility mode, allowing the drone to perform acrobatic flights. It uses an 800mah 20c 3000Kv battery which provides up to 9 minutes of flight time.


Optimized for E-flite cameraRemote Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Lifting Power to carry GoPro
3 Acrobatic Modes
Control Distance: 365 meters
Flight Time: 9 minutes
6 Axis GyroCharging Time: 90 minutes (via USB)
LED Lights
360º Stunt
Drone Size: 14 x 9 cm

1- UPair One


UPair One

UPair One deserves the number 1 place on our Top 10 Drones Under $300 list. UPair One packs all the great features seen in a high-budget drone but for a very affordable price under $300! If you dream to own a high-budget drone as DJI Phantom 3 and 4 but you do not yet have the money to invest, you will fall in love with UPair One. Firstly, it has an 1000 meter maximum control range and an amazing flight time up to 22 minutes! Secondly, it comes with a 12 Megapixel and 4K 24FPS SONY Camera! You will get high-quality footage from this drone. UPair One also transmits real-time video (FPV) directly to a 7” Live Video screen (included in the package) on the 2.4Ghz remote controller. All this greatness doesn’t stop here, it gets even better, UPair One has a wide set of amazing features such as: GPS with dual compass, Failsafe Return to Home on loss of signal or low battery, GPS Position Hold, Altitude Hold, IOC (Headless Mode), and Return to Home. As you can see, UPair One has all you need for an outstanding flight right out of the box, amazing specifications, astonishing features that were only seen in high-budget drones and of course a SONY Camera! All of this for just under $300, without a doubt the Top 1 Best and Most Affordable Drone Under $300, if you buy this ‘baby’ you will truly experience greatness at a very low price.


12MP 4K SONY CameraRemote Frequency: 2.4Ghz
GPS Dual Compass
Control Distance: 1000 meters
Flight Time: 22 minutes
6 Axis GyroCharging Time: 120 minutes
Headless Mode
Return to Home
Altitude Hold
LED Lights
Drone Size: 47 x 23.1 x 34 cm

What do you think of this drones? Which one is your favourite? Are you considering buying one? Let us know on the comment section below. We at DronesWorld are always happy to hear from you!

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