Best drones you can buy for less than $200 [2018]

Drone enthusiasts are living exciting days! Great drones are being released into the market every month. Companies compete for both quality and price, consequently, you can get better and more updated drones at lower prices. This is the result of this drone race in the industry, companies want to earn their spot in the market as the ‘big drone boom’ is bound to happen. We at DronesWorld aim to guide you through this all UAV madness. Informing you, guiding you, debating.

Today, our goal is to find the best bang for your buck in the market. The best product for your budget. Therefore, we have researched and compared current drones, and here they are – the best TOP 10 drones under $200. If you are looking for a lower price drone don’t forget to check our Best Drones Under $100 list and also our best article Best Drones Under $300 so you will be surprised with the quality of these Toy-Grade drones.

Table : What is the Best Drone Under $200 ?

10. Syma X8GFHD12min100mSee best offer
9. Holy Stone F181CHD9min80mSee best offer
8. Hubsan H107DSD7min100mSee best offer
7. Altair AA108HD10min100mSee best offer
6. Wingsland S64K8min80mSee best offer
5. Traxxas AliasNo cam7min50mSee best offer
4. UDI U818PlusHD12min150mSee best offer
3. Zerotech Dobby4K8min100mSee best offer
2. Holy Stone HS300FHD12min150mSee best offer
1. MJX Bugs 2WFHD18min1000mSee best offer


Top 10 list : Drones Under $200


10. Syma X8G

Syma is a big name in the entry-level market with a whole bunch of drones currently available. They usually produce highly affordable toy drones meant for younger audiences… but their X8 series of drones are meant for more mature audiences.

In other words – they’re meant for adult children. To be more specific, we are going to be focusing on the X8G version which comes with a pretty solid action camera. So, without any more beating around the bushes, let’s jump straight to action!

Simple yet very sturdy drone

The first thing that I’d like to state about Syma X8G is the fact that it’s a really well-built drone. It’s basically the same size as DJI Phantom models but seems much lighter than them. It’s only logical though since they don’t possess nearly as much internal processing hardware than those premium models. However, the thing that surprised me the most is the build quality.

The entire drone feels sturdy and, with the addition of easily removable prop guards, it seems as though it will survive quite a few crashes. Landing legs are simple to install and so are the props and guards as well. The battery bay is pretty spacey meaning you won’t have much trouble with installing slightly bigger batteries.

Solid camera and all-around specifications

Talking about the battery, Syma X8G sports a huge 2S 2000mAh LiPo battery which enables it to fly as long as 12 minutes. Well, 10 on average but you’ll get even over 12 minutes when flying without the camera. Operating range goes to about 100 meters which isn’t half bad for a drone of this price tag.

Now for the camera : Syma X8G sports an impressive 5MPX camera that can record aerial footage in Full HD resolution at up to 30fps. There’s no software stabilization incorporated here except for a simple anti-vibration dampening system embedded into the camera mount.




9. Holy Stone F181C

Now we are going to take a closer look at a much smaller drone but with decent all-around performance despite its lack of size. As you can see from above, I am referring to Holy Stone F181C which could, in fact, prove to be among the most versatile toy grade drones out there. The best thing about it – solid camera and a great set of features… At the end of the day, what more could you wish for from an entry-level drone?!

Impressive set of features

Starting off with the biggest upside of Holy Stone F181C – the features. Even though we are talking about a toy-grade drone, it sure does have several interesting features that set it in front of the competition. For instance, this little bugger has Altitude Hold and One Key Return, both of which are going to help you out a ton, especially if you’re a beginner who doesn’t still know how to properly control a drone.

There’s Headless Mode here as well, allowing beginners, even more, help that’s eventually going to pay off… but we shouldn’t forget aobut 1-key flips too which bring a dose of acrobatics into the package.

Camera and specifications are pretty good too

Moving forward, it’s important to note that Holy Stone F181C version sports a pretty solid camera too. It is capable of recording videos in HD (1280×720) with a slightly noticeable shakiness here and there. It’s nothing to be worried about as all of these entry-level drones possess shaky cameras due to the lack of any sort of stabilization – hardware nor software.

Last but not least, Holy Stone F181C’s specifications are pretty straightforward. It comes with a 750mAh 1S LiPo battery that enables it to fly anywhere from 7 to 9 minutes. On the other hand, the provided controller (console-styled) is equipped with 2.4Ghz transmitter that can do up to 80 meters of range. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable camera drone, Holy Stone F181C definitely won’t disappoint you. Keep reading to find our what is the best drone under $200 on our list !




8. Hubsan H107D

On the 8th spot, we have Hubsan H107D, a miniature quadcopter with brushed motors that’s capable of doing all sorts of crazy things. Yes – it’s one of the most fun to fly models on this list and it goes for really cheap too. Best of all – it has a small camera that can handle FPV transmission meaning you will be able to fully immerse yourself when flying this thing. It will be as if you were really inside the cockpit! Have I tingled your imagination and now you want more? Well, continue reading then…

Quite a nimble little flyer

As I’ve stated above, Hubsan H107D is a miniature FPV drone that runs on brushed motors. While they are pretty good and have high RPM, they are not nearly durable as their brushless counterparts so they will have to be replaced eventually, once they stop working.

Besides that, this little bugger rocks a sturdy body that’s capable of enduring lots of crashes… and trust me – we crashed this thing more than we’d like to admit. It does incredible as far as actual flying is concerned. Hubsan H107D is fast, highly responsive and doesn’t sag once its battery goes to a critical voltage level.

You’re getting the real FPV with this one

Yup – Hubsan H107D sports 5.8Ghz FPV and not that flimsy WiFi transmitted video downlink. While this does mean a lower video feed resolution (720×240), it also means you won’t have any sort of latency issues and you will be able to go really fast and do proper high-speed maneuvers. 

Combine that with solid specifications, including roughly 100 meters of (operating and FPV) range and 5 to 7 minutes of flight time. So, with everything taken into consideration, there’s no doubt Hubsan H107D is a great entry-level FPV quadcopter.




7. Altair AA108

7th spot on the list of top drones under $200 is reserved for Altair AA108, one of the newest drones listed here… but a great one nevertheless. We are talking about a miniature drone that comes equipped with a ridiculously small camera. It comes with a lot of accessories so I’m sure you will find it to be an excellent choice for beginners and those who feel that way. So, what do you guys say we take a closer look at it and see what exactly can it offer!

Decent camera and plenty of accessories

The general Altair Aa108 package is bringing a ton of goodies, some of which will be of crucial importance for keeping your new purchase safe and sound for a prolonged period of time. Of course, I am referring to prop guards which are easily installed and protect the propellers from receiving damage on both sides.

Additionally, you will also get an extra set of propellers if you happen to have a nasty crash. These always come in handy so I’m really surprised that more drone manufacturers aren’t adding them to their standard packages. Finally – the best accessory that you will get with Altair AA108 is definitely the extra battery that will double your flight times per session!

Stylish controller and great specifications

The first time you lay your eyes on the controller that comes packaged with Altair AA108, there is no doubt you will be positively surprised by its appearance. Not only its appearance but its performance too – this controller doesn’t consume much power, fits nicely into hands and is highly responsive – everything a good controller needs to do…

Moving forward, Altair AA108 also has pretty decent performance for the price it goes for. You can expect up to 10 minutes of flight time as well as cca 100 meters of operating range. That’s a lot considering we are talking about a cheap mini-drone here…




6. Wingsland S6

Wingsland is one of those selfie drones that you can often see advertised on various websites… and nowadays even on some TV stations. Even though DJI Spark is, by far, the most advanced selfie drone currently available on the market, its price tag is much higher than our cap for today. On the other hand, a great budget solution seems to be Wingsland S6 – a drone that costs just a fraction of DJI Spark’s price. So, without any further adue let’s see what’s it all about…

Foldable design and great selfies

One of the key virtues with selfie drones is their foldable design. This is what makes them even more compact and allows their users to bring them along everywhere they go. It’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever seen one. But,  in addition to foldable design, Wingsland S6 has another great thing to its name – excellent camera.

It can record videos in 4K resolution at 30 fps which is a pretty decent feat coming in at such a moderate price tag. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS from now on) is here as well, but it requires you to tune the resolution down to 1080p if you want shake-free videos.

Brushless motors in such a tiny drone

One thing that separates good drones from exceptional ones is the choice of motors. When it comes to Wingsland S6, the choice has been made exceptionally well. In other words, this selfie drone comes equipped with powerful (and highly reliable) brushless motors. They improve battery duration which goes up to 10 minutes per charge as well as offer greater durability than what would be the case with brushed ones.

Operating range won’t disappoint you either thanks to roughly 80 meters of available space between the drone and its controller. Last but not least, Wingsland S6 comes equipped with a set of awesome features including the likes of GPS, altitude hold, orbit and several others.



Traxxas Alias With Transmitter

5. Traxxas Alias

At the golden middle of this list, we have a very special drone for all you future drone racers out there. We present you with Traxxas Alias, an extremely speedy little devil that runs on high powered brushed motors and aims to show you the real power of 1S brushed racers. We are talking about a ready to run model here that comes packed with the traditional console-styled Traxxas transmitter which works flawlessly… So, let’s take a closer look and see which particular type of users is Traxxas Alias aimed for.

Unparalelled flying speed

Traxxas is a brand well known for their extremely fast RC models. This doesn’t just work for their drones but boats and rc cars as well – if they are making devices in a certain niche, you can bet your ass they are going to be extremely fast. Just take this little bugger’s big brother – Traxxas Aton. That thing is freaking huge and goes faster than the majority of fully fledged racing drones. Alias, on the other hand, is much smaller and powered by brushed motors… but is still able to achieve neck-breaking speeds and high-paced maneuvers.

Seems like the best choice for future drone racing stars

Let’s make one thing clear – Traxxas Alias is not for those feint of heart. This thing rocks some seriou speed and can actually be dangerous when operated by untrained people in huge crowds. It can’t cut an arm off… but mistakes can happen and close encounters with full throttle are able to seriously hurt anyone on the receiving end… But that’s the charm of it – it’s crazily fast and has the potential to teach youngers what it takes to be the next big thing in drone racing industry.

So, if you have a child that craves for a new high-speed hobby, then drone racing might be the proper way to go. So, if you end up looking for a good beginner’s racing drone – Traxxas Alias is the optimal choice, there’s no doubt about it!




4. UDI U818Plus

Now that you have had the chance to take a closer look at a fully fledged racing quad, it’s time to shake things up and give you a great all-around performer, which is considered as one of, if not the best drone under $200. This little bugger goes by the name UDI U818Plus and it sports an interesting design (with safety as the primary concern) as well as a decent camera to record all of your aerial endeavors.

It’s made by UDI, a renowned drone brand with several high profile entries in the lower end market. Is their UDI U818Plus on point with the competition at its respective price point? Well, let’s see…

Interesting camera and gorgeous transmitter

First things first – UDI is not known for making gorgeous transmitters. Most of the time, they create the standard ones that are not even ergonomic let alone easy on the eyes. However, the facts stand much different with this transmitter since it sports an aesthetically pleasing rounded shape and a secure smartphone grip for FPV. Also, there are 2 antennas stretching out from the back, making sure you get decent operating range with it. But more on that later on, for now, let’s take a closer peek at its camera!

Starting off with the actual sensor, what you are looking at here is a 2MPX CMOS sensor capable of recording videos at HD. Don’t confuse it with FHD – this little bugger only records in HD meaning its maximum resolution is set at 1280×720. Still photos aren’t exactly the greatest considering there’s no gimbal here… but they can still be considered OK, especially with such a humble price tag taken into account. As for the main feature, UDI U818Plus comes with barometer-based altitude hold which does the job with decent accuracy.

Great value for money in terms of specifications

When it comes to specifications of this little bugger, it’s safe to say they are on point with today’s standards. Heck, for this price tag they are actually slightly above the average ones offered on the market. For instance, the average operating range at this price point goes somewhere around the 100-meter mark. UDI U818Plus takes that one step further with approximately 150 meters of seamless operating range. Average battery duration is locked bewteen 8 and 10 minutes… but this little bugger can go up to 12 minutes without any issues…




3. Zerotech Dobby

Zerotech Dobby is another one of those miniature selfie drones that have come and outright conquered the casual drone market. With their simple flying mechanics, easy to use interfaces and great cameras – it’s no wonder they’re racking up in sales to this day in age.

However, with DJI and Walkera stepping up the price tags for selfie drones, Zerotech Dobby, Wingsland S, and Yuneec Breeze are finding themselves in a difficult situation because they’re not competitive with the big boys. Still, Dobby has some charm left so it’s well worth to take a closer look at it…

GPS and GLONASS in such a small drone

The special ingredient that makes an exceptional selfie drone is its internal features which separate it from toy-grade devices. When it comes to Zerotech Dobby, the most important feature is GPS (and GLONASS) which works wonders in combination with the onboard Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC. This birdie basically has the hardware of a mid-range smartphone and is lightning fast as far as its sophisticated flying features (and EIS) are concerned.

When it comes to specifications, you won’t exactly be swept off your feet by this one. While operating range is somewhat of a standard for selfie drones, clocking in at around 100 meters, the battery duration will slightly disappoint you with only 7-9 minutes of flying. With that being said, if you are looking for prolonged aerial recordings you will have to invest in several additional batteries.

Great 4K camera with facial recognition

Just like I already mentioned in the introductory paragraph – one of the best things regarding Zerotech Dobby (and all other selfie drones for that matter) is the outstanding  13MPX 4K-ready camera. It even incorporates EIS which basically eliminates all shakiness and acts like a fully fledged mechanical gimbal stabilization system. Other than that, Zerotech Dobby’s camera also supports facial recognition which brings forth a ton of additional functionalities to an already feature-packed device.




2. Holy Stone HS300

Even though this model barely fits within our price cap for today, it’s still there and definitely worth the 2nd spot on this list of drones under $200. Even more so considering everything that it has to offer for quite a humble price tag. It’s made by Holy Stone, one of the most popular entry-level drone brands out there. With a ton of great drones to their name, HS300 has proper backing and could very well be your next (or first) drone…

Proven design

This little bugger sports the familiar DJI Phantom-ish design that’s proven to work at an optimal level with an action camera mounted below it. Lots of other drone brands borrowed this design too, including top-flight models such as Autel Robotics X-Star Premium as well as mid-tier ones such as Upair One.

What this means for Holy Stone HS300 is that it doesn’t have too much weight which eases off the strain from its 2000mAh 2S LiPo battery. With that being said, you can expect anywhere from 8 up to 12 minutes of flight time per charge which is excellent considering the price tag. Operating range isn’t too far off either with approximately 150 meters of available distance.

Aerial photography on the cheap

I’m sure many of you already noticed that Holy Stone HS300 sports a pretty bulky camera mounted below it. It uses a specialized mounting bracket with anti-vibration dampers that do a pretty good job in terms of annihilating vibration and shakiness from your footage.

As for the actual camera, you are looking at what seems to be a 5MPX sensor with wide angle lens. It is pretty good though – rocking 1080p recordings at steady 30fps with not much vibration to talk about. It really excels at taking high altitude panoramic shots which are bound to amaze your friends and family.




1. MJX Bugs 2W

And finally – the best drone that you can buy right now for less than $200 is MJX Bugs 2W. Not the C version which costs slightly lower than this one. Reason? C version doesn’t have FPV which is of crucial importance if you want to fly long range with this bad body… And trust me, this thing reaches much further than you think. In fact – it’s the best performer among all these drones in terms of general flight characteristics as well as reliability features. Want to know more about it? Well, let’s kick it off…

Impressive feature set

The features are a big part of MJX Bugs 2W’s identity and the main aspect of its huge popularity in recent times. That’s because its features make it a highly affordable smart drone… all thanks to GPS and GLONASS. This allows for plenty of satellite connections which ensure pinpoint hovering accuracy of Bugs 2W’s altitude hold feature.

In addition to that, this little camera birdie also has extra reliability in the form of low voltage and out of range auto failsafe. Last but not least – there is also manual return to home (a dedicated button on the top right of the controller) as well as the ever so popular headless mode.

Let’s not forget that MJX Bugs 2W sports a damn fine camera too. It’s an integrated wide-angle CMOS sensor that can record full HD videos straight to a microSD card or on your smartphone via MJX Bugs Go app.

Specifications will outright amaze you

If you already bought this little bugger, you will be really happy due to the fact you’re getting great value for money with this best drone under $200. You see, not only does MJX Bugs 2W sport ridiculously long operating range which goes up to 1 kilometer but a fairly decent FPV range too – roughly 500 meters.

Other than that, it’s also praiseworthy to see a bulky 2S 1800mAh LiPo battery which ensures anywhere from 15 to 18 minutes of flight time. Once again, even if you go out of range or your drone’s battery reaches critically low levels, there’s still no need to worry because MJX Bugs 2W will find its way back home safely.


You get what you pay for… in most cases

As far as budget-friendly drones are concerned, there is one simple rule of thumb you’ll find with each and every single model on the market – you get what you are paying for… It’s as simple as that!

With that being said, at lower price points (we’re talking below $100 here), this rule works like a charm and there’s not a single exception out there. However, if you increase your budget to around $200, you will start noticing huge oscillations in performance, features and camera quality.

Finally, I’m trying to draw to a simple conclusion that I’m sure many of you are already aware of – if you’re looking to get more than you’re paying for, then I warmly suggest taking a closer look at MJX Bugs 2W! It’s a marvelous drone that goes for a ridiculously cheap amount of money yet offers impressive functionalities. It’s smart, possesses GPS and returns to home in case of mishaps… What more could you want?!


Brushless vs Brushed motors

Some of you already know that motors are a big aspect of every drone out there. They are among the most expensive parts (simply because there need to be at least 4 of them) and as such, they should not be taken for granted once you’re in the purchasing process. So, because of that reason, I present you with a brief explanation of the 2 main types of DC motors available on the drone market!

Brushed Motors

The best thing about brushed motors is the fact they are much cheaper to produce than brushless ones.

That’s because they don’t require expensive raw materials and use older technology than their brushless counterparts.

However, this leads to certain disadvantages in terms of raw performance as well as durability. You see, brushed motors do offer better low rpm controls which makes them a better option for, for example, rock climbing RC cars, due to them possessing brushes they are not exactly the most reliable solution for drones.


Brushless Motors

On the other hand, brushless motors offer unparalleled performance to weight ratio.

This means they not only weigh less but also provide better all-around performance than their brushed counterparts. If that’s not enough for you, consider the fact brushless motors last much longer than brushed ones, making them the optimal choice for drones, gliders, FPV birds and so on.

In fact, the durability of these 2 motor types is not even fair to compare due to brushes present in brushed motors which wear out with time and render them unusable.


Which of these 10 models is the best for your particular needs

Now we’ll show you which drone models you should go for in reflection to your particular needs. There’s a total of 5 models up for grabs below so there’s definitely going to be something for everyone’s cup of tea!


If you’re looking for a children’s drone…
  • For those of you looking to buy your little ones a fun-to-fly drone, you should start by giving Holy Stone F181C a closer look. It has a nice little camera and is finely poised with one key return that will keep your investment safe if your kids happen to fly it out of range.


If you’re looking for a selfie drone…
  • Zerotech Dobby is your go-to drone as far as cheap aerial selfies are concerned. It sports GPS, excellent 4K camera, and a whole bunch of flight-oriented features that will keep encouraging you to bring Dobby everywhere you go.


If you’re looking for an aerial photography drone…
  • As far as aerial photography drones are concerned, you should definitely take a closer look at Holy Stone HS300. We are talking about a drone that poses as the ideal solution for beginners in aerial photography. It’s stable, easy to use and won’t kick out too much money out of your wallet.


If you’re looking for a beginner’s racing drone
  • As I’ve mentioned above, Traxxas is well-known for making fast RC vehicles whether we’re talking about boats, cars or drones. Their cheapest drone goes by the name Traxxas Alias and possesses an insane amount of power for a brushed quadcopter and is an excellent beginner-friendly racing drone!


If you’re looking for the best all-around performer…
  • And finally, the drone that offers the greatest value for money and ranks as the best all-around performer for under $200 is definitely MJX Bugs 2W. Thanks to GPS, great camera, needlessly long range and added reliability features, this little bugger deserves to be on the throne.



With that last section above, I hope I shed some light on your next drone purchase. More particularly – I hope you don’t have any more dilemmas on which particular drone to go for. As you could’ve seen on your own – the industry is booming with new models in both low and high-end markets.

Customers must adapt quickly to new models just like the manufacturers have to adapt to brand new drone tech… It’s a neverending cycle with a simple result – better drones at lower prices! And that’s what we’re all waiting for…


Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you again soon!


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